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Nyxt Browser Founder, John Mercouris joins Interlock

Interlock’s Sr. Software Engineer brings strong experience in Internet technologies to create a safer transition from CeFi to DeFi.

That face you make when you join Interlock (Warning: Image may not actually be John )

Where did your path to a career in development & engineering begin?

It all started one fateful day when I stumbled upon the Geocities website builder. Shortly after, I made my first website. And so, my technological journey began.

In 2009, after maturing and honing my chops, I co-founded and developed RA Studios; a mobile app development agency. In the early days of the app store goldrush we were able to successfully achieve several million users across our app offerings.

After my three year stint as an entrepreneur, I sought professional experience at J.P Morgan Chase. There, I designed a responsive, practical, and highly informative cross-platform tablet app to meet the fast-paced needs of brokers and clients alike. It was a valuable experience that led to my continued growth as an engineer.

How did that path take you here to Interlock?

Nick, the Principal Engineer, and I went to university together where we worked on a bunch of projects. He thought of me when the company needed help, so he called me up. At first, I honestly was a bit skeptical considering how questionable some cryptocurrencies can be. However, after learning that there’s an actual product behind Interlock, and that the token isn’t the only concept, I became very excited about it.

What excites you about Interlock’s mission?

A lot! But the core idea here is that the Internet is the largest repository of human knowledge ever. And if there is any way that we can make that information on the Internet easier and safer to access, then we are doing a great service to humanity. So, my primary motivation is that Interlock is doing a great public service and I want to be a part of it.

It seems that you are already doing a great service to humanity with Nyxt, the current open source browser project that you founded. How would you explain what Nyxt is to someone who has never heard of it before?

I would explain it using a metaphor. Chrome is like a minivan, it is comfortable, it suits many people. Nyxt is like a racecar, designed for skilled drivers. It’s dangerous, fast, but if you want to get the most out of the Internet, it is the best tool.

What made you create Nyxt?

I found myself in this world where every so often I had to go to the browser to look something up — and I just felt like a caveman. I felt like smacking the keyboard with rocks and stuff just trying to find some information. So I said, okay, I’m gonna take this concept that I was struggling with and bring it to a browser as a solution, and that’s what I did. I started it in 2017 programming by myself for about a year before anyone showed interest. Eventually, it became obvious that people had the same vision, the same idea, and they got into it. Now, it’s a self-sustaining community of over a million monthly visitors hacking on this browser.

What have you taken away from Nyxt that you can apply here at Interlock?

I know how to make a design that isn’t going to be expensive to maintain (the Internet is constantly changing, and this is one of our biggest challenges!), and I have the tacit knowledge, not just the explicit knowledge. Additionally, I’m very aware of the threat models that exist on the Internet because security is a really important part of the browser. For example, Nyxt has proxy support and VPN support built in. It has become a very sophisticated security conscious browser. We even have a reduced tracking mode that does all sorts of stuff to obfuscate your signatures so that you can’t be tracked from site to site. All these things intersect with what I am doing here at Interlock with software engineering. I hope to leverage these skills for great good!

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