Capitol Hill Intern Update (March 22, 2021)

Hellooooo interns! It’s been over a year since the pandemic began to set in…here’s to adjusting to an unexpected year, surviving mid-March midterm season, and managing Zoom fatigue!

Got questions, suggestions, or ideas? We want to hear it!

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  • The House is in “Committee Work Period” for the next two weeks.
  • The Senate preps more votes on Biden confirmations.


(Full schedule) Select hearings:


Julia Letlow wins special election to replace her late husband in Congress, becomes the 31st GOP woman in the House

Three House Members announce the will not seek re-election: Reps. Vela [D, TX], Hice [R, GA] and Reed [R, NY]

Though vaccinations are on the rise, a new COVID-19 variant could lead to continued breakouts in the spring.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear a case with major implications for union organizers and property rights advocates

Of Interest

What do bourbon, chicken, salmon, soccer, oceans, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, cut flowers, and Crohn’s Disease have in common?

What’s the “Save America’s Pastime Act” all about?

One in four House members has opted not to receive Covid-19 vaccine so far — what’s the holdup?

After nearly 6,000 years, a dormant volcano in Iceland erupted late Friday.

The AAPI community is hurting this week. Here are some resources to help.

Pay Our Interns releases new report on
“Who Congress Pays”

Library of Congress intern working to crowdsource transcriptions of Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents

Emily Hausheer is an intern working on transcribing the Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents crowdsourcing campaign at the Law Library of Congress. (INTERVIEW)

Events This Week

Monday, March 22nd:

12 pm — 12:30 pm: How Congress can support middle-class Americans: A conversation with Senator Mark Warner

1 pm — 2 pm: Choice Does Not “Siphon” Public School Money: A Primer

4:30 pm — 6 pm: Medicare for All: A Conversation

Tuesday, March: 23rd:

11 am — 12 pm: Hearing: Building on the ACA — Legislation to Expand Healthcare and Lower Costs

12: 30 pm — 1 pm: Hard Truths: Systemic Racism in Sports

3 pm — 4 pm: How we will put the brakes on government corruption: A conversation with Walt Shaub

Wednesday, March 24th:

4 pm — 5 pm: Voting rights and wrongs: Democracy legislation and the filibuster in the Senate

11 am — 12 pm: How Afghanistan Will Impact America’s Role in the World

5 pm — 6 pm: Women in Civic Tech

Thursday, March 25th:

11 am — 12 pm: Does Congress Still Control the Power of the Purse?

1 pm — 2 pm: Capitol Conversations: Women in the Senate

2:30 pm — 3:30 pm: NYT Live Event: Water and Oceans: Restoring the Lifeblood of the Planet

Friday, March 26th:

11:30 am — 1 pm: Washington Post Live: Combating Anti-Asian Racism

1 pm — 2:30 pm: Using Mental Health Consultations to Support SEL in Early Childhood

+ Many more events at Hill Happenings


This newsletter is brought to you by these organizations. We know today’s interns are tomorrow’s Congressional staffers. And we want you to have a great experience — no matter where the internship happens!

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS)

Advocacy Blueprints

Congressional Management Foundation

College to Congress

Demand Progress

Democracy Fund

Modernization Staff Association

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