Capitol Hill Intern Update (November 2, 2020)

Sooooo… anything going on this week?

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The House and Senate are out.


Nada. All eyes on the election.

Of Interest

In the Supreme Court: Justice Barrett joins colleagues (via telephone) to hear oral arguments for the first time since her confirmation

Essential Election Day:

  • When to expect returns from every state
  • The channels most Americans watch for Election Night coverage
  • Networks are pledging to be veeeeeery careful this year
  • A “cheat sheet” of significant races across the US
  • 121 ballot initiatives will be decided by voters, including these “measures to watch”:
    → CA Prop 22 to exempt gig workers from new law classifying them as employees
    → MA Question 2: to adopt ranked choice voting
    → MS Ballot Measure 3 would adopt a new state flag
    → Several states (AZ, MT, NJ, SD) are voting on marijuana legalization
    → PR’s ballot includes a non-binding resolution asking. “should Puerto Rico become a state?”
  • Millennials and Gen-Z are 37% of eligible voters this year — larger than Boomers (28%) and Gen-X (24%); by 2026 they will be 60%

How’s that “falling back” treating you? Read more on the time change madness:

  • Hawaii and Arizona just don’t do is anymore; they abandoned DST in 1967 and ‘68
  • 200+ bills have been introduced since 2015 in every state to either stay on standard time or convert to full-time DST
  • Florida senators Rubio [R] and Scott [R] introduced a bill to keep permanent DST for 2020–21:
    to provide ‘one year of stability for families who are already dealing with enough change with virtual learning, work from home, and other disruptions the COVID-19 pandemic has placed into our daily lives”

Join a post-election conversation about what comes next

A Starting Point (ASP) and BridgeUSA have partnered with university systems across the nation to offer college students a unique forum to exchange their thoughts on the election and hear from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about today’s issues.

During a one-hour, live-streamed event on November 10, attendees will hear from congressional leaders about college affordability and watch a debate on if we should eliminate the electoral college. Attendees will also join smaller discussion groups selected for their ideological and regional diversity, to engage in a BridgeUSA moderated discussion about the election. REGISTER

Video now available: College to Congress Webinar: A Look Into Politics Through the Eyes of Gen-Z

College to Congress hosted a panel with young leaders about the importance of elections, from the local to national levels; the electoral process; the influence of social media on political perceptions; and, how members of Generation Z can best work to bridge the partisan divide. VIEW VIDEO>>

Pay Our Interns
interviews Rep. Porter [D, CA]

Rep. Katie Porter joins Pay Our Interns’ Executive Director, Carlos Vera, discuss everything from the impact of the pandemic on youth employment to how unpaid internships serve as a barrier to working-class youth.

Intern Relief Fund stipends still available


(Podcast) Why Public Service? Episode 10: Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller discusses her path to finding work in D.C. and eventually at the Hertog Foundation, where they educate students about domestic and foreign policy as well as political philosophy.

“I did spend some time in the White House working for the speech writing office. I helped do research for Mike Gerson, John McConnell, and Matt Scully. They were the triumvirate of speech writers to President George W. Bush and getting to learn from them was amazing. It was also just really helpful to see politics from the inside. I don’t think you can realize how fast decisions have to be made. It’s always with imperfect information. When our students read about policy decisions, they always read about it from a position of hindsight, whether that’s journalism or going out much further, historical accounts. So it’s hard to get into the head of like, how are the policymakers thinking about it at that particular time and realize just how difficult it is. You’re not thinking about it from here’s option A, which is great and here’s option B, which is not so great.” LISTEN>>

Events This Week

NOV 2 11 AM — 12 PM: The Fight to Defend the Free World: A Conversation with H.R. McMaster, Brookings

NOV 2 4:15 PM — 5 PM: How the Federal Government Can Support Community-Driven Safety Efforts, Urban Institute

NOV 2 2 PM — 3 PM: “The Perfect Weapon” Special Screening & Panel Discussion, Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation

NOV 3 4 PM — 5 PM: Pandemic Perspectives: Voting in a Pandemic — Smithsonian

NOV 3 9 PM — 11 PM: Four Square: Live Election Coverage, Politico

NOV 4 2 PM — 3:15 PM: Election 2020: Results and Implications, Brookings

NOV 5 9 AM — 10 AM: Putin’s Offset: The Kremlin’s Geopolitical Adaptations Since 2014, German Marshall Fund

NOV 5 12 PM — 1:30 PM: Energy & Environmental Policy in the Next Administration , K & L Gates

NOV 5 12 PM — 1:15 PM: Post-Election Analysis: What Lies Ahead for America?, Heritage Foundation

NOV 6 12:35 PM — 6 PM: Reboot 2020 Conference, Lincoln Network
Check the Day One Agenda here
Day 1: Tech Policy in 2021 and Beyond
→ Session 1: How Do We Make the Future Happen Sooner (12:35 PM — 1:10 PM)
→ Session II: Tech Policy in the Next Administration (1:15 PM — 1:55 PM)
→ Session III: Securing the Future (2 PM — 2:30 PM)
→ Session IV: Is There a Political Realignment on Tech? ( 2:35 PM — 3:15 PM)
+ More sessions available

+ Many more events at Hill Happenings


This newsletter is brought to you by these organizations. We know today’s interns are tomorrow’s Congressional staffers. And we want you to have a great experience — no matter where the internship happens!

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