Capitol Hill Intern Update (November 9, 2020)

Well that was quite a week! Here’s hoping you’ve made it past the point of seeing a map of red and blue when you close your eyes at night.

The makeup of 117th Congress is starting to take shape and that means interns planning future employment have a better idea where to look. And for those applying for internships next year, College to Congress has VERY good news — the expansion of its programmatic offerings and Intern Opportunity Fund to spring and fall semesters!

Got questions, suggestions, or ideas? We want to hear it!



The House is out. The Senate returns and will take up more judicial nominations and potentially begin work on a coronavirus relief package.


Not a lot going on this week. Full list of committee activities. Hearings of note:

  • Senate Judiciary convenes Day 4 of its Oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation @ 11 AM Tuesday
  • Senate Banking holds a hearing on Oversight of Financial Regulators @ 2 PM on Tuesday
  • Senate Commerce will consider the nomination of Nathan Simington to be the newest FCC commissioner @ 2:30 PM on Tuesday


  • The next 72 days before Inauguration (First Branch Forecast breaks down what to expect)
  • The Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court — oral arguments tomorrow; here’s a good explainer
  • Hope on the horizon? Pfizer reports over 90% effectiveness of its Covid vaccine

Of Interest

  • Student journalists are leading the coverage of Covid on campus
  • Precautions for college students headed home for the holidays
  • Utah wants all college students in the state to get tested for COVID once per week
  • Best new thing on Capitol Hill? BARK STREET (from R Street) featuring the pups of Congress!


Congressional employment links:

Join a post-election conversation about what comes next

A Starting Point (ASP) and BridgeUSA have partnered with university systems across the nation to offer college students a unique forum to exchange their thoughts on the election and hear from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about today’s issues.

During a one-hour, live-streamed event on November 10, attendees will hear from congressional leaders about college affordability and watch a debate on if we should eliminate the electoral college. Attendees will also join smaller discussion groups selected for their ideological and regional diversity, to engage in a BridgeUSA moderated discussion about the election.REGISTER

College to Congress announces year-round programming, Intern Opportunity Fund

C2C officially announces expansion into Spring and Fall semesters! In addition to our flagship Summer Program, we will be offering internship training in 2021 through C2C-U on a semester-basis while funding students’ internships year-round through our Intern Opportunity Fund. GET STARTED>>

Important Dates:

STAFFER Show (podcast):
Luis Miranda

You may know him as Hamilton creator, Lin Manuel’s, father but Luis Miranda is also a former staffer. LISTEN>>

Why Public Service? (podcast)
Episode 11: Ashley Poling

Hear Kevin Kosar interview Ashley Poling, a Commissioner on the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Events This Week

NOV 9 12 PM — 1 PM: A Conversation With the Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison, Baker Institute

NOV 10 9 AM — 10:30 AM: COVID-19 Vaccine Predictions: Estimating the Time Before We Approve Efficacious COVID-19 Vaccines, Center for Global Development

NOV 10 12 PM — 1 PM: Governing for the Future, New America

NOV 10 12 PM — 1 PM: The US Election and Right-Wing Militias, Brookings

NOV 11 8 AM — 9:15 PM: Running to Stand Still? The Impact of the United Nations in the Middle East, 75 Years On, Brookings

NOV 12 10 AM — 11:30 AM: State of Constituent Engagement for the 117th Congress — Webinar, iConstituent

NOV 13 12 PM — 1 PM: The Future of the Affordable Care Act, Alliance for Health Policy

NOV 13 12 PM — 1:15 PM: What’s Next for Telehealth: Sustaining and Expanding Access After COVID-19, Bipartisan Policy Center

NOV 13 2 PM — 3 PM: What Congress Needs to Know About Pending Nuclear Waste Legislation, Environmental and Energy Study Institute

+ Many more events at Hill Happenings


This newsletter is brought to you by these organizations. We know today’s interns are tomorrow’s Congressional staffers. And we want you to have a great experience — no matter where the internship happens!

Advocacy Blueprints

Congressional Management Foundation

College to Congress

Demand Progress

Democracy Fund

Modernization Staff Association

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