How not to do Equal opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion in academia: Ten Commandments

Amrita Narlikar and Cecilia Sottilotta outline ten pitfalls to avoid when working on EDI in social science and beyond

Photo published on 23 July 2021 by Muhammad Daudy on Unsplash.

1. Thou shalt not equate gender balance with equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

2. Thou shalt not apply different standards of excellence to those who look or sound different.

3. Thou shalt not equate family with two parents and 1.5 children.

4. Thou shalt not demand returns to old or new ‘normal(s)’.

5. Thou shalt not rely on the bureaucratization of academia to address EDI issues.

6. Thou shalt not ignore the potential of alternative perspectives.

7. Thou shalt not ignore the unintended consequences of thy actions.

8. Thou shalt not diminish the experiences of others.

9. Thou shalt not go down the rabbit hole of more categories.

10. Thou shalt not treat EDI as solely a goal in its own right.



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