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The new International Affairs Webinar Series provides International Affairs readers and Chatham House members the opportunity to discuss pertinent topics with experts in the field. The series’ panellists are recent International Affairs authors who will discuss their research and answer the questions you have about its impact on your business, policy measures or area of interest.

In this blogpost you will find details of all future webinars as they are confirmed, and recordings of the past events. The page will be updated regularly.

Upcoming webinars

2 November 2020: French interventionism in the Sahel

Speaker: Yvan Guichaoua (Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent)

Topic: While France makes its security-driven agenda pretty clear, it appears blind to the Sahelian publics’ differing aspirations or different perception of security priorities and sovereignty. This places domestic leaders in a tug of war between two audiences, as complying with the French agenda may well widen the gap between Sahelian leaders and their domestic constituencies.

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5 November 2020: COVID-19 and US global leadership

Speakers: Peter Dombrowski (US Naval War College), Carla Norrlof (University of Toronto & Finnish Institute of International Affairs), Simon Reich (Rutgers University–Newark)

Topic: In the immediate aftermath of the US presidential election, we host a panel of experts examining the effects of COVID-19 on the country’s standing on the world stage. Drawing on new research the panel will highlight how decades of assumptions and choices are combining with the most invasive global crisis of the postwar era to impact US global leadership, its status as a security provider and its position within the Liberal International Order.

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Past webinars

24 September 2020: The future of feminist IR theorizing

Speakers: Marysia Zalewski (Cardiff University), Paula Drumond (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro), Swati Parashar (University of Gothenburg)

Topic: In the face of criticism, feminist IR theory continues sure-footedly demonstrating its importance and International Affairs has had the fortune of working with brilliant authors core to developing what feminist IR is, does and means. This webinar will focus on the developments to feminist IR theory in the future and the transformations that this could cause in world politics.

21 September 2020: Lessons from twenty years of Women, Peace and Security

Speakers: Soumita Basu (South Asian University), Paul Kirby (London School of Economics), Laura J. Shepherd (University of Sydney)

Topic: This webinar discussed how the WPS agenda has developed and what they are expecting from the future, touching on a plethora of themes including international leadership, national legislation and peacekeeping — building on the 2016 International Affairs special issue entitled ‘The futures of Women, Peace and Security’.

11 June 2020: Understanding the power of the US presidency

Speaker: Daniel Drezner (Tufts University)

Recent article:Immature leadership: Donald Trump and the American presidency’, International Affairs 96: 2

9 May 2020: Toxic masculinity and terrorism

Speaker: Elizabeth Pearson (Swansea University)

Recent article:Extremism and toxic masculinity: the man question re-posed’, International Affairs 95: 6

26 May 2020: Coronavirus and the future of Brexit

Speaker: Anand Menon (UK in a Changing Europe & King’s College London)

Recent article: ‘Europe: between dream and reality?’, International Affairs 95: 1 (January 2019)

21 May 2020: Lessons from history for the COVID-19 pandemic

Speaker: Margaret MacMillan (University of Oxford)

Recent article:The uses of history in international society: from the Paris peace conference to the present’, International Affairs 95: 1

29 April 2020: COVID-19 lessons for the financial sector

Speaker: Lee Anne Sim (Australian National University)

Recent article:Influencing the social impact of financial systems: alternative strategies’, International Affairs 96: 2

22 April 2020: Civil society and COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa

Speaker: Amy S. Patterson (Sewanee, The University of the South)

Recent article:Up in smoke? Global tobacco control advocacy and local mobilization in Africa’, International Affairs 95: 5



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