Choose a Problem. Propose a Solution. Submit a Proposal. Don’t forget the Blockchain.

IBCOL 2019: How to join?

The competition process of the 2019 International Blockchain Olympiad is:

The most important is the first step: registration. No, not really. That is merely administrative and operational formality to ensure eligibility and compliance to guidelines set out by the IBCOL Competition Committee.

The Whitepaper

The most important is the whitepaper. The purpose of this competition is to solve a problem, for which you propose a solution, with which you write a proposal, which explains in complete detail how the problem shall be solved: a complete solution. The format of the paper is not the most important, but you may follow the HKBCS Model or the R3 Model as inspiration, and have a look at the general evaluation criteria.

So, how do the categories fit into this?

Our advice: do not try to game the system. Pick a problem you are passionate about, or have access to advisors, or both!

The Interview

Interviews will be carried out on a rolling basis between April 21 and June 9, with the purpose of clarifying aspects of the whitepaper and also for due-diligence on the competency of the team behind the project.

The Demo

Some students — especially those from non-STEM majors—have concerns over technical demo part of IBCOL 2019, but the point is that without a good whitepaper, a project cannot proceed to the next stage. We also hereby clarify that this is a proof-of-concept, meaning that the project has to demonstrate some, not necessarily all, aspects of the project. A technical team may be able to produce sophisticated high-fidelity prototypes, but a low-fidelity prototype may also get the job done. At any rate, the Student Relations Team is more than happy to find help for those teams whose projects made the cut to the IBCOL 2019 Symposium in Hong Kong.

The Pitch

This is essentially a condensed version of the whitepaper with an emphasis on the business and legal aspects of the project, since the demo would have already covered all the technical aspects.

The International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) is a multidisciplinary design and building competition. If you are a student in good standing or have graduated within 2 years, IBCOL 2019 invites you to propose solutions to real-world challenges using decentralised applications. For further details and to register, please visit or reach out to our Student Relations Team.