Life Coaching: The Power to Change People’s Lives

I like to describe life coaching as teaching an individual how to improve the quality of their lives. Coaching has been around forever…yes, forever. However, it was only labelled or recognise within the sporting profession. Take any gifted or talented player, they have a coach because they want to excel and improve their game. Within the coaching body, there are various specialities like career, workplace, relationship, confidence, professional, sport, financial and so on. There’s no one coach who specializes in every area of coaching…never buy into that myth.

You will not go to your GP general practitioner to have your teeth clean would you? No, you’d visit your dentist. Likewise, you shouldn’t go to just any coach. You would interview 2–3 potential coaches to find the person who you feel a connection with, who based on your research has the skills, schooling, experience and passion to work with you to achieve results.

Latest trends in Life Coaching: I just googled life coach and came up with 16,700,000 results in (0.47seconds)., and that’s just on Google. Coaching services are used more with employees and not only management teams. Coaching courses are being offered in well known universities and not only private colleges. Regulating life coaching is another movement that will eventually caught up to other professions like counsellors. Why? Simply because coaching works! Coaching gives you the tools to be successful in a particular area you want to either change, improve and may be struggling in.

How life coaching enhances almost any aspect of life: I’m of the belief that every person needs a coach at some point in their lives. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, relationally, socially, financially. Regardless of how “put together” you might appear, you can benefit from solid practical coaching to improve and enhance your life. In essence, making in better, richer, more fulfilled and rewarding. I connected with a client through her workplace extend health coverage. She didn’t feel there was anything specific to work on, but reached out because it was covered. However, after asking a few questions and using her she shared to ask a few questions, she became aware of a particular area that actually needed some TLC. What’s your area that’s been neglected?

What life coaching can do for an individual, what does it offer? Life coaching gives you the tools to reach your goals, bring a dream to fulfilment, and helps you reconnect to what matters. The process of coaching is like going on a journey of self discovering and growth. It opens the door of self realization of your gifts, abilities and strengths in how to be YOU, not a carbon copy of someone else.

What are the coaching tools used to succeed with life coaching? There are a number of different coaching tools and techniques used to facilitate this service, it’s not only about questions and answers. Each coach has a different style, and so are your preferences. Do you want a coach to push you, or not so much? Do you prefer lots of hands on interactive tools or not so much? Ultimately the depth of your success depends on you taking action. Awareness and action are important pieces to your coaching experience.

Success/inspiring coaching stories: Success is a personal thing and can only be measured by you, because my definition of success might differ from yours, yet both of us can be equally successful. It’s what fulfils you! A recent client was referred to me with concerns about her weight, yet what we ended up working on being her financial health. Once she started to change her mindset, approach and take action, her confidence grew. This confidence flowed over into the area of physical wellness with noticeable better choices being made in her food selection.

If you are on the fence about pursuing coaching, let me strongly encourage you to do it. Do it because you will be better for it. Where to start? Do your research, read up about the coaches, contact them for an interview. This is called a strategic session and can run between 30–45 min. Based on your take-a-way and intuition make the decision who you’ll work with. Listening skills, asking personalized questions, and hearing you are a few things you want to pay attention to. If the coach you’d like to work with fees are out of your price range, don’t be afraid to let the coach know…in most cases they will work something out that’s manageable.

About Diane Dutchin

Diane Dutchin (Canada)is Certified Personal & Professional Development Growth Coach.

Diane coaches women on how to improve the quality of their lives by being their best selves. Personal development is not only a passion of Diane, it is an active part of how she live her life.

You can connect with Diane on LinkedIn or Twitter

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