#Snapshots August

Some of what we saw in our programs around the world in August

Celebrated World Humanitarian Day by recognizing over 7,000 International Medical Corps humanitarians who deliver lifesaving relief every day, often at great risk to themselves.

Abdi, a nurse who has been working with International Medical Corps in Somalia since 1996, shared what has driven him to devote the past 20 years to saving lives amid ongoing challenges such as drought, violence and instability.

Provided medical care and other relief to refugees who have been rescued trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy.

Provided lifesaving health and nutrition services in Somalia, saving thousands of children, like Farhiya, who were on the verge of succumbing to malnutrition.

Celebrated World Breastfeeding Week and the importance of breastfeeding for infant health.

Continued our efforts to fight famine and prevent starvation across East Africa and Yemen.

We are running nutrition clinics at 11 sites across Maiduguri, Nigeria. We’ve provided preventive and curative care to approximately 3,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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