#Snapshots January 2023


From Cameroon to Pakistan, see the impact you’ve had as a supporter of our work.

Vaccinating Against Cholera in Cameroon

Cholera is a waterborne disease spread by eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with bacteria. Untreated, it can lead to severe dehydration, resulting in shock, coma and death within a few hours.

In Cameroon, our local team recently visited the Minawao Refugee Camp to administer the cholera vaccine and help prevent spread of this potentially fatal disease. Our staff and volunteers have vaccinated more than 86,000 people in the fight against cholera.

Providing Safe Spaces for Women and Girls in Gaza

Our women’s and girls’ safe spaces in Gaza offer a place where women and girls can enjoy some privacy while participating in a range of activities — such as classes focusing on beauty, embroidery, handcrafts, fitness and yoga — and express themselves freely without fear of exposure to harm or discrimination.

Step inside one of our safe spaces in Gaza with Nadeen Redisi, our Gender-Based Violence Manager in the country. Click the photo below to watch the video.

Continuing to Support Flood-Affected Communities in Pakistan

Although it has been months since the floods in Pakistan, residents are still dealing with the effects of the disaster. The floods contaminated water, displaced people from their homes and exposed communities to various diseases.

We have sent 11 mobile medical teams (MMTs) to severely affected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces. Our MMTs have reached more than 105,000 people in the provinces since the onset of the floods.

Highlighting Staff Around the World

At International Medical Corps, we are lucky to have colleagues who are passionate about their jobs.

Every day, in some of the most challenging places around the world, our dedicated teams wake up and work to build a healthier future. Meet some of the people at the frontlines of our lifesaving work.

Heba Lufti, our Child Protection Team Leader in Jordan, and the Child Protection Team helped a 16-year-old girl escape her abusive husband. Heba’s goal is to make sure that girls in Jordan’s Al Zaa’tari refugee camp know they have the right to access education and escape violence.

Dr. Zaid Al-Soutari works in the Emergency Department in Al Zaa’tari Camp, specializing in cases that require urgent medical attention. During his time at the camp, Zaid has treated burns, strokes and heart attacks.

Dr. Zahra Shah is our Country Medical Coordinator for Syria. Hear why she loves her work in the video above.

Looking Back at 2022

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to provide lifesaving healthcare in 30 countries last year, reaching more than 20 million people.

In 2023, we’re continuing to save lives and relieve the suffering of vulnerable people around the world, building self-reliance by providing training in communities that lack access to healthcare.

Together with our supporters, we’re working to create a healthier, safer world for all.

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Our staff includes experts in emergency medicine, infectious disease, nutrition, mental health, maternal and infant health, gender-based violence prevention and treatment, training, and water, sanitation and hygiene, all within the humanitarian context.

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