#Snapshots July

Some of what we saw in our programs around the world in July

Joined forces with seven leading international relief organizations to form the Global Emergency Response Coalition to fight famine and prevent starvation across East Africa and Yemen.

Continued providing care in and around Mosul, where the work to rebuild the Iraqi city and the lives of its people is only beginning.

Implemented nutrition services and gender-based violence prevention and response programs for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.

Provided medical care and other relief to refugees and migrants in Libya who have been rescued trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Sent #TheKitThatCounts to vulnerable communities in need to help prevent disease and promote hygiene.

Responded to the cholera outbreak in Yemen by providing clean water and hygiene promotion activities in nine displacement camps. Training saves lives!

Hosted a visit by Heidi Murkoff, First Responder and author of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, who visited our midwifery training programs in South Sudan and Ethiopia because midwives do save lives.

Conducted public health campaigns and connected people to International Medical Corps’ health care facilities in Iraq.

Hosted a visit by our partner Riot Games to Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, where we’re running a hospital and providing child-friendly spaces.

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