#Snapshots July

Here a few updates about how your support helped people around the world in July.

A Safe Motherhood for All

Safe motherhood is a universal human right. That’s why we spent July highlighting our incredible teams in the field who are working for a safer and healthier future for moms and babies everywhere.

And on July 17, moms and moms-to-be celebrated #BumpDay to raise awareness about maternal health needs around the world.

The Fight Against Ebola in the DRC Continues

On July 17, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The outbreak is now the second-largest in history, exceeded only by the outbreak in West Africa from 2014 to 2016. Our team is on the ground fighting the spread of this deadly disease by providing medical care, health staff training and screenings.

Despite the challenges, there has been good news from the incredible health workers at our Ebola Treatment Center: People are leaving our Ebola Treatment Center in the DRC cured of the vicious disease.

Fighting Gender-Based Violence in South Sudan

South Sudan has been plagued by conflict since its civil war began in 2013. Tragically, women suffer disproportionately from the consequences of armed conflict, such as sexual abuse and loss of livelihoods. Richard Mario is working to change that.

Building Resilience through Private-Public Partnerships

We were thrilled to be part of the 2019 Private-Public Partnerships Conference on how such partnerships can build a culture of disaster preparedness. Erica Tavares, our Senior Director Institutional Advancement, described how we work with partners “to respond for the long term, not just one disaster.”

Saving Lives in Yemen

Since early May, Yemen has reported thousands of cases of cholera. Our teams are fighting back against this life-threatening disease by providing clean water, sanitation centers and emergency treatment in the country’s most affected areas. We’re also providing communities with hygiene kits and educating children on healthy hygiene habits to help prevent this deadly disease.

We’re transforming the futures of generations to come by providing healthcare, nutritional support and much more. Here, our teams are testing the water quality to ensure it is safe to drink.

A key part of ensuring a healthy population is proper waste removal and management. Our teams in Yemen are working hard to remove waste and construct medical-waste management zones.

Training Saves Lives

Our staff in Yemen recently trained community health volunteers so that they too can help serve their communities and promote healthy lives and habits.

Preparing for the Next Emergency

Employees from Medtronic generously assemble hygiene kits that will be ready to deploy when the next disaster strikes.

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International Med. Corps

International Medical Corps relieves the suffering of those impacted by conflict, natural disaster and disease by delivering medical relief and training.