#Snapshots September

Some of what we saw in our programs around the world in September

Over the past month, International Medical Corps has been responding to catastrophic disasters across the world.

A series of powerful earthquakes struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The largest, a 7.4 magnitude quake on September 28th, triggered a tsunami that engulfed nearby coastlines, including the coastal city of Palu.

Our teams in Palu and Jakarta are working with Indonesian government officials and partner organizations to coordinate our immediate response efforts. Despite the difficulty in accessing areas cut off by damage to roads, bridges and the airport in Palu, our team is working continuously to reach those most affected.

International Medical Corps deployed ahead of the devastating Hurricane Florence, which struck North and South Carolina. We continue to work with local authorities and partners to reach areas most in need of medical care across North Carolina.

With medical staff and a mobile medical clinic deployed with partners, our teams have served seven affected cities and towns, focusing on rural and harder-to-reach locations where health centers and evacuee shelters faced increased demand.

Typhoon Mangkhut struck the Philippines on September 15th. We deployed immediately to the devastated areas, coordinating with local authorities and partners to reach those most affected by the typhoon. Our team is now on the ground in Naga City in Cebu, where a catastrophic landslide killed dozens of people.

The fight against Ebola continues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We opened our Ebola Treatment Center in Makeke on September 18th. Additionally, International Medical Corps-supported health facilities have screened almost 40,000 individuals for Ebola-like symptoms across North Kivu since the outbreak began on August 1st.

To strengthen infection prevention-and-control measures, we have trained more than 240 doctors, nurses and other medical staff in the DRC.

JP Morgan Chase Missouri
JP Morgan Chase Indiana

Employees from JP Morgan Chase assembled hygiene kits that will be standing by for our next disaster response.

One year ago, on September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, leaving millions of people without power and water. We responded quickly, providing critical support to local partners and helping to restore and rebuild the local health system. Watch this video and take a look back at our response.

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International Medical Corps relieves the suffering of those impacted by conflict, natural disaster and disease by delivering medical relief and training.