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Chinese society isn’t homogenous anymore. Moreover, a lot of Chinese people, especially Chinese women are attracted to foreigners. Needless to say that foreign men are attracted to them, too. So, how can western and Asian singles meet each other online and start a relationship? Find the answers in this guide.

Chinese singles do use dating sites, but not all platforms that are promoted as Chinese dating websites are trustworthy. We chose 5 sites that really work — just choose the one that seems the best option for you.

Best Chinese Dating Sites 2024*

I chose several of the best Chinese dating sites from the wide range of websites on the market. These are the most efficient, affordable, and suitable for meeting Chinese singles. So, don’t hesitate to try some.

“When speaking about my preferences, I consider SakuraDate the most effective “tool” for dating Chinese ladies. It not only offers a suitable dating pool but also has a list of free features to find a perfect match effortlessly. Such benefits in addition to the regular discounts for premium features make it one of my favorite dating sites.”

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How to choose the right Chinese dating site?

When it comes to choosing the right Chinese dating service, many men and women get confused simply because they do not know how to do that. Well, no worries, I will help you figure out how to select the right site. So here are my ultimate tips:

  • Select the niche. First of all, you need to select the right niche. In case you seek a casual relationship or online flirting, use a dating site. Niche sites are more reliable and often offer many more features than popular free apps.
  • Read reviews. To make sure you are going to sign up on a legit service, read reviews on it first. Usually, you can get a lot of info from those and therefore decide whether to register on this or that website or not.
  • Try the service yourself. Most platforms offer free trials and bonus credits, so why not use those to explore the service and decide whether it’s worth your money?
  • Check out the site’s security measures. Last but not least, make sure the service is safe to use. A secure and legit website usually has user verification, secure payment methods, and a professional support team that is available 24/7/365.

Finding a dating site that will perfectly work for you is totally possible. So use these tips and you will surely find the right service in no time.

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Are Chinese Dating Sites Legit?

The online dating market is full of various platforms and the choice of legit Chinese dating sites is also diverse. We are confident about the legality of the websites we checked and added to our list because they have many verified users, secure payment methods, and protected copyrights. All these details are essential for effective and secure online dating with Asian singles.

Niche Chinese dating sites and apps vs. Mainstream dating sites and apps

How to make the right choice? Which platform is likely to work best for you personally, a mainstream international dating site or one of the niche China dating sites? Take a look at the pros and cons of each type of website, consider your priorities, and you won’t go wrong.

Niche Chinese online dating sites and apps:


  • Great to narrow the search and meet a Chinese woman or man
  • A lot of special features, from video chat to real gift delivery
  • A very strict moderation, members are encouraged to verify their accounts


  • You’ll hardly find a free Chinese dating site
  • Members need to buy credits and control their spending
  • In most cases, there are no Chinese dating apps

Mainstream dating services and apps in China:


  • Great dating pools tens of millions of members worldwide
  • Good design, a system everyone knows how to use
  • Free unlimited messaging


  • Users still need to pay for a premium membership to use special features
  • Harder to meet attractive Chinese women or men seeking foreign partners
  • Better chance to find a casual date instead of starting a serious relationship

Tips for safe online dating

You can’t be too cautious when using a Chinese dating app or website. People can get scammed even on a niche premium website, let alone a free Chinese dating site, just because there are always ways to cheat the system and circumvent the restrictions. However, if you know the schemes that scammers usually use to get your money, you’ll be able to have a great and, most importantly, safe online dating experience.

What dating is like in China?

  • Percent of single men/women: 55.6% men and about 39% of women
  • The success rate of relationships: 38% international relationships with a Chinese partner last over 6 months
  • The number of English-speakers: 0.9%, yet it’s an official language in Hong Kong, and 300M are usually considered to be “learners”

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of Chinese dating sites skyrocketed both in the country and internationally. On average, the growth was 30%+, which is, from my experience, a common tendency in the world; as with all restrictions, people understood the importance of human interactions, and online dating became the second-best thing.

Finding Chinese singles through a Chinese dating app or site is way easier than traveling abroad because:

  • Around 89% of respondents in China said they’d used popular Chinese dating apps before, providing people who use online dating with a big pool of potential matches.
  • 61% of Chinese singles use online dating to start a relationship, while 57.1% seek marriage, which means that getting a romantic partner is not a challenge.
  • Most singles in China are uncomfortable with a meeting on the streets, especially women in big cities who prefer online dating sites and apps.
  • Long-distance is easy and fun during the initial stage of the relationship, as people connect on an emotional level first and then go to the physical level.

Overall, online dating works great in China. Chinese women and men are open to relationships with foreigners, and the majority have a decent level of English, so finding common ground is easy.

Get rid of stereotypes: Dispelling myths about Chinese people

What can potentially ruin your relationship with one of the attractive Chinese women or handsome Chinese men? Yes, that’s right, these are stereotypes. Below, we bust and explain some common myths.

Chinese are always quiet and reserved

30% True, 70% False. Chinese people usually try not to lose face in public, and that’s true. But they are very emotional, and if you, for example, expect your Chinese girlfriend always to be shy and reserved, she’ll definitely surprise you.

Chinese are brainwashed communists

False! Yes, the Chinese political system isn’t like the Western one, but it doesn’t mean they all agree with everything the party says.

A Chinese woman is always obedient and subordinate

False! A Chinese woman is likely to be family-minded but it doesn’t mean that she will make her husband the one and only decision-maker. Most local women and men prefer a relationship built on mutual respect.

Generally, it’s worth avoiding stereotypes and not spoiling relationships by asking such questions to Chinese singles.

Which Chinese dating site is completely free?

It’s hard to find a niche Chinese dating site that’d be completely free for members. Unlike global sites, such platforms don’t earn money from ads but hire moderators and use the latest software to make the site safe. Moreover, there are a lot of special tools, from phone calls to gift delivery, that require management and investments, too.

However, even though such platforms, in particular, sites on our list can’t be considered completely free, they’re rather mixed platforms with both paid and free features. A new user can join the community for free, write a good profile and do plenty of things, from using advanced search filters to sending greeting messages.

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Beautiful Chinese ladies have local men fighting for their attention, but they can’t compete with Americans. So, with millions of single Chinese women using dating sites, your chances of finding a perfect match will rise if you ignore stereotypes and remember my tips for safe online dating.

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