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best costa rican dating sites

The general popularity of online dating skyrocketed during the pandemic, as people weren’t able to meet dates IRL and opted for different dating sites and apps. Costa Rican dating sites also felt a big increase in popularity as international dating also got to the next level. With the abundance of people all over the world, why limit yourself just to the local region? Today I will share everything you should know about Costa Rican dating sites, the best options, and the peculiarities and stereotypes of Costa Rican long-term relationships.

Best Costa Rican Dating Sites in 2024*

Below is the list of the most reputable and precisely reviewed Costa Rican dating sites, which I can recommend you to visit.

“La-Date might be the best pick from all the options as it is rather simpler than other platforms. It suggests a mobile-friendly interface with a simple built-in chat and many tools that speed up the dating process, such as the Let’s Talk or Say Hi features. Generally, I like this website for its functionality and moderate prices.”

🔥LaDate Review

Designed for a fun, exciting online dating experience, LaDate has the feel of your favorite social media. Thanks to a combination of a photo feed, live streams, and swiping, LaDate is as addictive as Instagram and Tinder combined. And live chat is not limited to basic texting, as you can also exchange private photos, stickers, and virtual gifts. With a private video chat option, it could have been the perfect Costa Rican dating site.

👍What I like

  • Photo feed
  • Extensive profiles
  • Free live streaming

👎What could be better

  • Flexible search filters
  • Mobile experience
  • One-on-one video calls

“If I want to spend hours scrolling Newsfeed, I choose LaDate instead of Instagram because it’s an excellent way to entertain yourself and find a compatible Costa Rican lady. I like its communication tools most, especially the Let’s Talk feature that suggests ideal icebreaker questions to initiate conversation. Generally, I advise you to pay attention to this dating platform.”

🔥LatiDate Review

If you’re hoping for marriage or at least a serious relationship with a Cost Rican woman, LatiDate is the perfect choice. It’s easy to navigate, and the profiles are pretty thorough while still leaving enough to the imagination to encourage you to reach out. You get to choose between long letters and live chat with photo, video, and audio file attachments. If LatiDate had private video calls, I’d call it perfect.

👍What I like

  • Thorough profiles
  • Media file exchange
  • Flexible search

👎What could be better

  • Video chat
  • Mobile experience
  • Notification management

“LatiDate has many reasons to become your favorite dating site, as it offers a convenient kit of features and an outstanding choice of beautiful ladies. My sincere advice is to use all the communication tools on LatiDate, especially video messages, as they will help you learn more about your interlocutors.”

🔥TheLuckyDate Review

TheLuckyDate is a dynamic dating platform that garners significant attention, especially from users in the US, with over 500,000 monthly visits seeking relationships with Latin American singles. The site is characterized by its easy-to-use interface with features such as location and age-based search filters, like-or-skip matching feature, mail, and live chat messaging. Pricing is competitive and accessible, starting at $19 for 4500 credits, with larger packages offering better value.

👍What I like

  • Simplified user experience
  • Effective communication tools
  • Flexible pricing

👎What could be better

  • Limited search filters
  • Lack of video communication

“TheLuckyDate provides a promising platform for those interested in dating Costa Rican singles. Its straightforward design and effective communication tools make it a good entry point for newcomers to online dating. While the site could benefit from enhanced search capabilities and video communication features, its current setup does a commendable job of facilitating connections. I recommend TheLuckyDate for its engaging approach to Latin dating, making it a suitable choice for those looking to explore relationships in this vibrant community.”

🔥LatinFeels Review

LatinFeels is all about making it easy to meet Latin singles. The sign-up process is a breeze, and the site has cool features like a Newsfeed to keep tabs on what everyone’s up to. You can dive into interactive sections like People to browse through profiles. It uses a credit system, which is handy because you only pay for the features you actually use.

👍 What I like:

  • The Newsfeed to see what others are up to
  • Fun, interactive communication tools
  • Super quick sign-up process

👎 What could be better:

  • No video call option
  • Search filters could be more flexible

“LatinFeels is a great platform if you’re looking to meet Latin singles. I love the Newsfeed — it’s like having a social media feed for dating. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on potential matches and starting conversations. The icebreaker tools are also a nice touch. However, the lack of video calls is a bit of a letdown for those who want to see their match face-to-face.”

🔥LoveFort Review

LoveFort is a solid choice if you’re serious about finding a Latina partner. The platform has a huge user base and detailed profiles, so you really get to know who you’re chatting with. It operates on a credit system, which means you can pick and choose which communication features to pay for, which makes it quite flexible.

👍 What I like:

  • Detailed profiles with lots of photos
  • User verification cuts down on fake profiles
  • Plenty of communication tools

👎 What could be better:

  • Free communication is limited to live stream chat
  • No private video call option

“The detailed profiles and user verification process on LoveFort mean you’re more likely to connect with genuine people. I especially like the variety of communication tools available. Though, it’s a bit of a bummer that private video calls aren’t an option. But overall, it’s a solid platform for meeting Latin singles.”

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How to Choose the Right Costa Rica Dating Site?

Statistically, around 35% of Americans fell in love online, which makes the interest in choosing the right platform for online dating very important. Also, the dating app or site you choose will influence how positive and effective your online dating experience will be.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best Costa Rica online dating websites or dating apps:

  1. Explore the most popular dating apps in Costa Rica, or opt for online dating sites with positive professional reviews and reputations. Check out my top of the best dating apps and sites in Costa Rica if you need some inspiration.
  2. Pick a few dating websites or apps — check their membership guidelines, services, and prices before joining. You can either do your own research on a particular dating app or site or read an in-depth review to know what to expect from the platform and not be caught off-guard by high prices or limited free membership.
  3. Free doesn’t mean quality. Opt for partly paid or fully paid dating apps and sites instead of free dating sites in Costa Rica. Not paying for online dating might seem alluring, but fully free platforms usually have a higher level of scams, as scammers also don’t like to spend their dollars.

Don’t take choosing an online dating site for granted, as following these 3 easy steps can really make a big difference in your experience. As there are many good dating platforms, all popular dating sites in Costa Rica won’t be suitable for you. You must choose based on the type of relationship, sexual orientation, and services the site offers.

👫 Expand Your Horizons:

Are Costa Rican Dating Sites Legit?

There are no totally secure online dating sites but the Costa Rican sites in my list are indeed legit. The most effective way to check the legality of any dating platform is to check the Terms and Policies, which I’ve done successfully. You will get secure payment options, protected information with copyrights, and only adult users registered on the platforms. All in all, it’s your call to visit Costa Rican dating sites or not but prioritize your security in any case.

Niche Costa Rican Dating Apps vs. Mainstream Dating Apps

If you doubt whether you should opt for niche or mainstream dating sites to find potential dates in Costa Rica, here are some benefits and drawbacks of both options that are worth exploring.

Niche Costa Rican Online Dating Sites and Apps:


  • Such dating sites have just women from Costa Rica or the Latin region, so you don’t waste time on other nationalities you are not interested in
  • Variety of communication features like text, audio, and video chat
  • Less fake profiles if compared with sites with free membership


  • Free version of the platform is usually very limited, and communication is impossible without a premium account
  • Paid membership might be quite expensive
  • Niche platforms are mainly meant for people looking for a serious relationship

Mainstream Dating Services and Apps in Costa Rica:


  • User-friendly interface that makes a mainstream dating app popular among newbies
  • Wider dating scene with potential singles, as such platforms are usually free
  • Variety of features and services you can use for free


  • Less effective for the Costa Rica region
  • Mostly used for one-night stands and not serious relationships or love
  • More fake profiles than on paid dating sites

Does Online Dating in Costa Rica Work?

Online dating is quite popular in Costa Rica, as many singles find it easier to find a hot date on a dating site that browse bars, clubs, and other popular dating spots among singles. Also, some other reasons why Costa Rican people like to date online are:

  • Any popular dating site in Costa Rica offers search with filters that make looking for potential matches fairly easy and faster if compared to IRL dating.
  • With international platforms, Costa Rican singles can date not just in Central America but also across Latin America and worldwide.
  • It’s easy to find like-minded people online who share your dating goals, as men and women from Costa Rica are interested in short-term and long-term relationships, one-night stands and hookups, long-distance romance, and more.
  • Besides, after the pandemic use of online dating sites highly increased, but what’s interesting is that 58% of singles shifted towards international relationships. So, why spend a month abroad looking for Ticos or Ticas if you can register on a reliable dating app or site and meet tons of foreign women/men in a day?

Also, starting long-distance relationships is smart, as you are not investing in traveling to a person you are not sure you like that much. And when you are sure of your intentions, you can always hop on a plane and visit Costa Rica — it’s not far from the US.

Top Tips for Safe Online Dating

According to the FTC report, only in 2021, there were $547 million losses due to the romance scam. Those numbers are alarming, which makes it important not to neglect safety while looking for a dating site and partner from Costa Rica. Unfortunately, fake profiles and scams might happen even on the best dating app, so always stay cautious when dating online.

  • Only reputable sites. Take your time to research the dating site you are considering joining.
  • No Instagram photos. Don’t use photos you’ve posted on any other public social media or dating app.
  • Separate email. Creating a new email is recommended so as to maintain your private info.
  • Learn scam red flags. The profile seems too good to be true, asking for money or personal information — all these are scams.
  • Ask for video chat or calls. Scammers don’t do it, so it’s easy to detect them. Stop communication, report, and block the user if you get suspicious.

What Is Dating Like in Costa Rica?

  • Male to female ratio is almost equal — 99.7 to 100
  • The average marriage age is 26.4 (for women)
  • The country ranked 4th among Latin countries that speak English
  • If you are serious about having a short-term or long-term relationship in the country, here are a few facts you should know about dating in Costa Rica.

Dating a Costa Rican Might Seem Like Dating a Whole Family

Costa Rica is a small country, and your relationship with your partner may extend to his/her family and friends. Be aware that you may run into someone they know anywhere in Costa Rica. If you are friendly and accepting of differences, there will likely be no problems.

Age-Gap Dating Is Socially Excepted in the Country

Another aspect of the Costa Rica dating scene is a common age gap between foreign men and local women. Some older women are attracted to younger foreign men, and vice versa. However, many Costa Rica international couples also have a 6–7 year difference.

Costa Ricans Are Very Open-Minded When It Comes to Dating

Single women and men from Costa Rica are open to different types of relationships. Some seek a long-term relationship, while others prefer casual dating and NSA relationships. Also, finding a date is easy regardless of your sexuality and religious beliefs.

Get Rid of Stereotypes: I Dispel Myths About Costa Rican People

Some stereotypes and misconceptions stop people from the desired love. I want to debunk some popular misconceptions about Costa Ricans that many people believe true.

Ticos are trying to appear better than they actually are.

50% True. Most Costa Ricans care about how other people perceive them and make an effort to make a good impression, but they are not lying or genuine.

Many Costa Ricans are quiet and reserved.

Fake! Most women and men from Costa Rica are very easy-going and friendly, and they don’t mind chatting and meeting new people.

Ticos and Ticas think they are better than their neighbors.

Fake! Most Costa Ricans love and are very proud of their country and enthusiastically talk about traditions, national holidays, and cuisine. But that doesn’t make them arrogant.

Keep in mind that these stereotypes are generalizations. Not all Costa Rican men and women fall under them, but as Costa Rica is a small country, the chances are high that most people fall under the description.


Costa Rica is a popular dating destination, and local people don’t mind dating a foreigner. If you are curious about dating in Costa Rica — niche dating apps and sites are the best way to go. Besides, the online dating pool is really big in the country, as the majority of singles prefer a dating site or app.

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