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The Pew Research Center shows us that since the 1970s, the trend for international dating has been growing steadily. Serious relationships with singles from other countries are not a new thing, but are all countries dating the same? Read on and find such countries in each region and the best dating sites for each region to find your perfect date fast!

The Best Dating Sites for Long-Distance Relationships In 2024*

  • SofiaDate — best for meeting singles from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, and the Czech Republic.
  • BravoDate — best for meeting singles from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Russia
  • La-Date — best for meeting singles from Colombia, Argentina, Braziland Mexico
  • LatiDate — best for meeting singles from Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic
  • TheLuckyDate — best for meeting singles from China and Kazakhstan
  • SakuraDate — best for meeting singles from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan
  • EasternHoneys — best for meeting singles from China, Indonesia, India and Korea
  • UkrainianCharm — best for meeting singles from Ukraine
  • JollyRomance — best for meeting singles from Hungary, Moldova and Romania
  • LatinFeels — best for meeting singles from Argentina, Peru and Cuba

The Best Countries for Dating

Explore the best countries for dating as a foreigner to see which dating cultures fit you the most. Start your international relationship with a foreign partner with similar values and goals in life.

Asia for Cross-Cultural Relationships

Asia is an ideal option for romantic trips since you can visit magnificent beaches, immerse yourself in diverse Eastern cultures, and have one-of-a-kind experiences. Whether you want to relax on Thailand’s magnificent beaches or learn about Japan’s history, Asia is full of thrilling romantic adventures!

Check out the best countries for dating in Asia and the dating platforms that work best for the region:


The country’s dating is known for its cultural diversity. Its unique combination of old values and modern dynamics offers a perfect setting to find love. Besides, there are over 240 million single adults in China, which makes it the best country with the most potential partners.

🇵🇭The Philippines

The country provides a warm and welcoming environment, as well as a mix of cultures and a strong focus on family values, making it an appealing destination to search for a family-centered partner. Also, it’s interesting to know that 4 out of 10 Filipinos are single, and there are more single men than women.


Thailand’s tranquil beauty, generous hospitality, and mix of traditional values with a modern approach make the country a good romantic destination and a place to meet a potential spouse to share life’s adventures. And the dominant group among single Thai people who use online dating is 25–34-year-olds.


Japan’s elegant combination of ancient traditions and innovative technologies makes it a good place to seek love. Japan’s dating culture emphasizes respect and loyalty, and the country provides an exceptional chance to form deep and lasting relationships. By the way, 50% of women and 70% of men in Japan are single in their 20s.


Vietnam’s rich cultural legacy, strong sense of community, and warm-hearted generosity make it the best country to search for love. Over 50% of men and 25% of women remain single until the age of 30, so you have many options for a potential partner.

Latin America for International Relationships

South America offers magnificent landscapes, welcoming people, and rich cultures, making it an excellent choice for dating. The Latin region provides the setting for fascinating and adventurous romantic dates, whether you’re trying out the tango in Argentina or indulging in Mexican cuisine.

Check out the best countries for dating in Latin America and the dating platforms that work best for the region:

  • 📍Most popular Latin countries: Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic
  • 💕Best Latin dating sites: La-Date, LatiDate, TheLuckyDate


This country is known for its passionate culture, breathtaking scenery, and kind people, which makes it a perfect environment for deep bonds and romance. And as the number of online daters is expected to grow to 3M by 2027, it’s one of the best countries for dating in Latin America.


Brazil, with its bright festivals, unique customs, and energetic spirit, provides a dynamic environment for exploring passionate relationships and creating memories. As around 50% of Brazilians are single, you can meet most of them in Rio, Jussiape, Teodoro Sampaio, and Anguera.


Mexico’s fascinating past, delicious cuisine, and deeply rooted family values all contribute to a friendly atmosphere for finding a partner who shares your interests and beliefs. And the easiest way to dive into the Mexican dating culture is online, as there are expected to be around 5.7M Mexican singles online by 2027.


Argentina is an ideal place where you can connect with partners who value art, culture, and romance, thanks to the beauty of tango and a combination of European and South American cultures. You can meet the most singles interested in a serious or casual relationship in Buenos Aires Province, Córdoba Province, and Santa Fe Province.

🇩🇴The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s beautiful beaches, warm climate, and friendly natives make it a tempting place to meet someone special while soaking in the beauty of the Caribbean beaches. As around 93% of Dominican singles are Christians, it’s one of the best countries for dating someone with the same beliefs.

European Countries for Dating Singles

Europe is a lovely fantasy for amazing dates, with a mix of charming old towns, exquisite cuisines, and intriguing history. The best European countries have infinite places to make unforgettable memories and meet the love of your life, whether you’re wandering the touristy routes of Italy or spending intimate moments in tiny cafés in France.

Check out the best countries for dating in Europe and the dating sites that work best for the region:


Ukraine’s welcoming people and unique traditions offer a one-of-a-kind chance to start meaningful relationships with partners who value traditional gender roles and hard work. Oh, and Ukrainian ladies are one of the most desired partners from Slavic countries. Finally, the marriage rates are record high in the country now.


With its many towns, rich history, and welcoming people, Poland provides a lively and cozy atmosphere where you can connect with people of all origins and beliefs. As almost 27% of men and 18% of women are single, Poland is a good option to consider to change your dating life.

🇨🇿Czech Republic

The country is known for its romantic, historical vibe and open-minded people, making it a great destination for meeting life partners. Around 75% of Czechs use dating sites and apps, which means you can meet singles from this European country online.


The heart of romance, France’s lovely cities, art, and gastronomic pleasures make an exciting environment in which one can find a love partner who loves elegance and art. As over 40% of French people are single, you have many attractive women and men to check out.


The country’s timeless beauty, rich history, and focus on family and unity make it an ideal romantic destination for exploring deep relationships while enjoying Italian art, cuisine, and scenic landscapes. Online dating is popular in the country, with the dominant age group aged between 25 and 34 years. But many people also use such sites to find casual sex or a one-night stand.

Pros & Cons of Dating Someone from a Foreign Country

Before you jump into dating someone from a foreign country, check out the main benefits and drawbacks of dating foreigners.


  • Broadening your cultural horizons by experiencing new things in a different culture
  • Having tens of thousands of potential partners
  • Being able to choose a person based on your personal preferences
  • Feeling really wealthy and having a better quality of life in some countries for dating
  • Becoming a better version of yourself through learning to be more tolerant and accepting of cultural differences


  • Language barrier
  • Different traditions and values
  • Expectation of traditional gender roles (unless it’s something you like)
  • Doing long-distance can be hard
  • You need to spend money on traveling

As you can see, searching for a partner abroad as well as building a successful international relationship can be a bumpy road, but with all the benefits it brings, it’s definitely worth it!

Expert’s Notes:

“Interracial dating is not a new or shocking thing for 2024. According to the polling, in the 1960s, only 4% of Americans approved of interracial unions, but in 2022, the numbers showed a 94% approval rate, which makes international dating a norm in modern society. But even though it’s really popular among single American guys and girls, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. However, it’s worth mentioning that going through all the difficulties makes couples that come from different cultures stronger, which results in the average divorce rate for such couples being 50% lower than the average divorce rate in the US.”


From all the things we’ve said today, one thing is very clear — top countries for dating can help you meet your perfect partner. You just need to pick your romantic destination, join a suitable dating site, and let the plane ride the world to your love. But pick the country and platform for dating wisely, as not all sites are effective in all regions.

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