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DataBytes: Week 10

Welcome to the 10th week of DataBytes!

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End-to-end Weekly Data Science Learning Plan

🕗 Watch Episode 29 of Data Science & AI Weekly and create your own Weekly Study Plan for Data Science.

Listen to the podcast here.

Meet Jaymala Kanagala from Innowave

🙌 Jaymala Kanagala has 22 years of experience managing and directing projects in the IT space. Read about her transition to Data Science here.

How to Build a Great Data Science Portfolio?

🥇 A seasoned Data Scientist updates and maintains his portfolio regularly. Learn how to construct the perfect portfolio for landing desirable jobs in 2020. Click here.

Why Python is your best friend for ML?

🎯 Python continues to crush other languages in the race to become the most popular tool used by people worldwide! Find out how you can boost your profile with Python expertise here.

Meet Ganesh Kumar B from Topcoder

👍 Having spent nearly two decades in the IT industry, Ganesh Kumar B decided to pursue Data Science professionally. Read his story here.

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Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

There are some vital points many people fail to understand while they pursue their Data Science or AI journey. If you are one of them and looking for a way to counterbalance these cons, check out the certification programs provided by INSAID on their website. If you liked this story, I recommend you to go with the Global Certificate in Data Science & AI because this one will cover your foundations, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks (basic to advance).



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