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DataBytes: Week 11

Welcome to the 10th week of DataBytes!

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180 Day Data Science Learning Plan

🕗 Here’s a full-fledged 6 month Study Plan to crack Data Science for beginners like you! Watch Episode 30 of Data Science & AI Weekly now.

Watch full episode here.

Meet Abhimnew Kumar from Nokia

😃From working with a team of Quality Engineers to using Data Science to redefine and modify processes in his domain, Abhimnew Kumar has spend many months perfecting his Data Science skills. Read his journey here.

Meet Hari from Tata Consultancy Services

👏Hari had been interested in Data Engineering since his college days. After spending around half a decade as a System Engineer, he has embarked on his Data Science journey. Find out more here.

What is the syllabus for Data Science?

👀For every aspiring Data Scientist, the most important question is about Data Science syllabus. Find the end-to-end syllabus here.

Meet Kedarnath Rajarathinam from Cognizant

🙌Kedarnath has spent 17 years in embedded domain. His dedication towards his domain is the reason why he wanted to transition into Data Science and leverage the field in his domain. Read here.

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Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

There are some vital points many people fail to understand while they pursue their Data Science or AI journey. If you are one of them and looking for a way to counterbalance these cons, check out the certification programs provided by INSAID on their website. If you liked this story, I recommend you to go with the Global Certificate in Data Science & AI because this one will cover your foundations, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks (basic to advance).



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