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DataBytes: Week 16

Welcome to the 16th week of DataBytes!

This is INSAID’s weekly newsletter dedicated to bringing to you the latest trends and developments in the Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence space.

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How to write and share Data Science articles that get attention?

🖍 Writing a Data Science article that invites attention and gets exposure requires lots of practice and development of certain skills. Read the new feature to understand how to make your Data Science article stand out.

Knowing the World of Real Data Scientists: Interviews, Videos and Podcasts

🎧 To help you navigate through the unlimited content on the internet, we have released little listicles of interviews, videos and podcasts that you should follow and keep in your content list. Read here.

Meet Anirudha Acharya from DXC Technology

🖐“Nowadays, the business doesn’t really take what we put as a scientist, but they want it presented in artistic forms with Power BI and Tableau.” Read Anirudha’s views on Data Science here.

How to crack Data Science in 30 days?

💻 A striking question that crosses many Data Science aspirants is the time-frame to learn Data Science. Many aspirants are working professionals strapped on time and can devote only a couple of months or less to their studies. Find out how you can learn Data Science in a month, here.

How are the best apps using machine learning?

📲 You must have read about data sharing policies of different service providers and checked mark countless privacy policy updates to allow websites and mobile applications to use your data. How is that information used by these service providers? Click here to know more.

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Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

There are some vital points many people fail to understand while they pursue their Data Science or AI journey. If you are one of them and looking for a way to counterbalance these cons, check out the certification programs provided by INSAID on their website. If you liked this story, I recommend you to go with the Global Certificate in Data Science & AI because this one will cover your foundations, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks (basic to advance).



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