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DataBytes: Week 18

Welcome to the 18th week of DataBytes!

This is INSAID’s weekly newsletter dedicated to bringing to you the latest trends and developments in the Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence space.

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How to write and share Data Science articles that get attention?

📝Writing an article on a Data Science topic will help you articulate your thoughts in a structured way. When you dive deep and write soundly, you essentially create a story of your experiences which can be delivered later on during interviews, seminars, meet-ups, and pitches effectively. Read here.

How to build a great Data Science resume in 2020?

🔑 While there are many aspects to building a successful professional profile, in this blog, we will talk about the need for a lean, effective, and impactful Data Science resume. Click here.

How to create great Data Science teams?

🙌 Building effective Data Science teams is an important part of ensuring productivity and functionality across data-driven problem-solving business centers. Read more here.

Data Science: A non-programmer’s perspective with Arijit Chakrabarti | INSAID Success Story

✍ This is a conversation with one of our new students, and excited and driven learner Arijit Chakrabarti who is enrolled in our flagship program — The global Certificate of Data Science. Let us hear from him; about what draws him to Data Science and how he developed as a data enthusiast notwithstanding his non-programming background. Know more here.

How to Crack Data Science Interview in 7 steps?

🏆 Preparing for a Data Science interview can be tough if you don’t have the right guidance. INSAID Chief Data Science Mentor, Manav has shared some important insights that will make you successful for Data Science jobs. Read here.

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Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

There are some vital points many people fail to understand while they pursue their Data Science or AI journey. If you are one of them and looking for a way to counterbalance these cons, check out the certification programs provided by INSAID on their website. If you liked this story, I recommend you to go with the Global Certificate in Data Science & AI because this one will cover your foundations, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks (basic to advance).



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