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DataBytes: Week 20

Welcome to the 20th week of DataBytes!

This is INSAID’s weekly newsletter dedicated to bringing to you the latest trends and developments in the Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence space.

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Do you need a Data Science Degree?

👨‍🎓 The protocol has always been that to pursue a certain job role, you require an academic/ advanced degree in that subject. However, Data Science has always been somewhat of a surprising field and does not follow conventions. Click here to know more.

Knowing the World of Real Data Scientists: Interviews, Videos, and Podcasts

🎧 If you are getting into the groove of Data Science, you need to fully immerse yourself into the world of Data Science. You need to keep up with the trends and developments in this space and consume content massively to stay on top of it. Read more.

How Data Science in Manufacturing is changing the sector?

⚙ You will definitely deal with Data Science in Manufacturing whether you are interested in Q&A or production in the Manufacturing sector. The Manufacturing sector is gaining in sales and revenues with the introduction, adoption, and implementation of Data Science. Know more.

Data Security: A Machine Learning Perspective!

🚩 Here is an article by one of our Top 5 Budding Data Scientists, Dr. Chitra Desai. Read how her refreshing take on Data Security. Dr. Desai is also ranked among INSAID’s Top Budding Data Scientists, click here to know more!

Meet Paras Nandwani from Dew Solutions

🙌 Paras Nandwani is a Software Engineer at Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd. Read how he has deployed 4 Years of experience in Software Design and Development and in building scalable web products. Read more.

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Final Thoughts and Closing Comments

There are some vital points many people fail to understand while they pursue their Data Science or AI journey. If you are one of them and looking for a way to counterbalance these cons, check out the certification programs provided by INSAID on their website. If you liked this story, I recommend you to go with the Global Certificate in Data Science because this one will cover your foundations plus machine learning algorithms (basic to advance).




INSAID is India’s leading powerhouse in Data Science & AI research and education. INSAID provides world-class programs and certifications to working professionals across 300+ companies

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