In a nation of hierarchy : A Speech by Marchand Fuselier

America, the country everyone thinks they know. They call us the land of the free and some of us believe it too. But the reality is we are enslaved in this world. We are made victims of a hierarchic society made for the rich, and here is why I believe we are no longer free.

Firstly, to all the people who call themselves a capitalist: Would you give all your money to a person who does not need it? No? Well that is what you are doing when everything essential in life is made by us for those people to be sold for whatever price they want. For example, the water that we drink is made by us to make a profit off the main thing for our survival. Sure we could collect rain water, if not for the businesses polluting the Earth, and for our government to outlaw the collection of it, and many other harmless things like marijuana and building your own house.

Poverty is something we can be born into or forced in to. Did you know that the government estimates the amount of prison beds to be made from your third grade test scores? They create a hole that is hard to get out of when you have to pay to catch up if you fail a class. Us poor people are trapped in low paying jobs to be exploited by our employer, put on welfare, and imprisoned for petty infractions like possessing the very drugs they smuggled into our communities!

Let us look upon two large groups of victims, children and people of color. Children, born into poverty, are more often than not one child in a long line of victimized peoples. One in every five children are born into poverty, and for black populations, nearly half of all children will be born into poverty . Half of those children are recipients of food stamps. You see how history worked out?People once stolen from Africa see their oppression perpetuate under a system that seeks to see them stay at the bottom. A part of the drive behind this system is racism, but another is business. Who profited from slavery, but the businessman? We have been plagued by the top one percent for too long, and now stand as much slaves in our world as ever.

Some of the most exploited, are the elderly, sick, and disabled. Anything they need is made expensive to drain as much profit as possible form those who would die otherwise. The inability to afford modifications to make life easier is too common of a story not only from the elderly or people born disabled, but from our deceived veterans too. Veterans are not only taken advantage of after service but before too. They join hoping to defend their country without knowing who controls their country. Before they can even ask what they are fighting for, they end up with serious injuries in a foreign country just because the government has brain washed us into thinking fighting in places in Middle East is securing our freedom. Look upon Vietnam! they sent in troops to fight the so called evil of communism, but ended up supporting the greater evil of a South Vietnamese dictator and gaining nothing but American bodies and billions in profit for Dow Chemicals and other war manufacturers.

Finally, let us look at America as a whole. We stand opposed to what our founding fathers envisioned. We have a tyrannical system that only gives attention to the two major parties of the bourgeoisie. When the candidates say that ¨all men are created equal¨, it appears they only mean so halfheartedly. Why should the government get to extort money out of us to pay for wages they set for themselves? Why should a few people get to exploit us and our needs for themselves?

We come now to a point of action. Do we, the laborers who built this nation and every great nation throughout history, accept that we now stand downtrodden, weary and separated by race and region? Do we accept that things need to change but keep voting because its all we can do? We are the victims, and it is time we stand collectively to change that.

-Comrade Marchand


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