Short attention span? What?

The idea that our attention span is decreasing due to the amount of time we spend on our phones is everyday getting larger and more prominent in many discussions. Personally I believe that our attention span is becoming shorter, because we are simply more interested in things that are in our cellphones. Such as the private lives of celebrities, whats new in cooking and more things. One of the most interesting thinks that Daniel T. Willingham mentions in his article ‘Smartphones Dont make us Dumber’ is “The digital world carries the promise of amusement that is constant, immediate and limitless” therefore stating that our attention will be more focused on things that will catch our mid faster and in a more creative way. Now, one if the things that i thought was quite interesting is the reality of us, closing a video in the first 10 seconds if it seems boring, not amusing or redundant. He puts us in the right perspective that we always look for the most interesting form of learning, and that our cellphones and technology has brought us to this.

A study conducted by researchers in the University of Texas said that a persons cognitive senses increase when they are far away from their cell phones, so does this mean that our cognitive skills are being snatched by our ‘addiction’ to our cellphones. Which is basically shown above, the student who could have perfectly written down his notes instead of using his cell phone to take of it.

So therefore showing that our smartphones are making us less aware of the things around us, and more into the things that are in our cellphones.


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