Fingerprinting with Apps

“The Apps arrayed on a person’s smartphone or tablet represent a fingerprint of sorts”

From the quote above, it talks about how Apps are a type of fingerprint.

How apps are like a fingerprint is that for every app that we download it shows a part of us. For example if you download an app for food it tells us that you are into food and you might be a food lover (that or your just too lazy to call and pick up your own food). And with the many apps that we download for this kind of fingerprint. Just like our fingerprints, not two fingerprints are the same, showing how humans are different.

Even digitally our fingerprints are different. Because of this many people express each other in different ways.

For example, some people who like to write, may express themselves with a long post on Facebook, where as someone who likes to get straight to the point may post on twitter whereas someone who hates writing may post a picture on Instagram. On top of this because the internet allows people to post things anonymously people feel more comfortable posting anything they want online.

With the topic of anonymous posts, something that is different online than in real life, is the ability to change your digital fingerprint. Because you can post anonymously you can say whatever you want and if you get in trouble you can always create a new person by creating a new account. With this it allows you to take up more than one personality.

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