Response to “The App Generation”

A screenshot from my app collection
  • HTC Dot View
  • Facebook Messenger
  • MTA Bus Tracker
  • Slacker Radio
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • HTC File Manager
  • HTC Flashlight
  • Music Downloader Pro
  • Clue
  • Weather
  • Cartoon Network Instant Video

“ [. . .] failure that once might have been witnessed by a few peers and then forgotten but today might become part of one’s permanent digital footprint.” -Katie Davis
Hmm . . . Now would be a good time to watch this video.

In my experience, my mother has never attempted to humiliate me on social media. She has countless times, but never purposefully. Ask me ( actually not me, just people I interviewed) how I’d feel if she did, and I’d say . . .

I don’t think our relationship would ever be the same.
That might stop me from doing stupid stuff. Lol. Not really.
I probably wouldn’t care because they barely know how to use the internet.

With a wide range of reactions, I would like to hear the thoughts of Katie Davis, the author of The App Generation. This book has some insightful ideas about teens’ fear of their mistakes being made widespread and perpetually available, and how this fear modifies their behavior.

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