Response to “The App Generation”

“Just tell us what you want and we will give it to you.”
-Katie Davis, “The App Generation”

Section 4 “Will this be on the exam?” is about how students are now more reliant on their teacher/mentor for the “right way.” Though this way of thinking existed throughout all of structured learning (because of being forced into classes they don’t want to take), it is likely becoming more common because of how easy it is to find specific things.

For example, if my biology teacher were to say there is going to be a quiz on Monday but does not say on what, I would need need to read the entire chapter and most of the stuff will not be on the test. However, if I knew specifically what would be on the test, search engines such as google and yahoo could help me find the specific facts I need to memorize so that I could pass the quiz. This has made school less about learning, more of a test for “will you do what you are told.”

Knowing that the education system will not change, is this dependency on a teacher or mentor for the “right path” really a bad thing?

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