The Social Narcissist: Digital Edition

The question of the Internet’s impact on self-focus has also become a popular focus among social scientists, who've generally observed a positive connection between narcissism and online behavior.

Narcissism was once perceived as abnormal in the sense that one would be infatuated with themselves. Now, through the introduction of the internet, narcissists are more common, although we tend to refer to them as arrogant as well as some other deragatory terms. The internet has become a source of people to promote themselves. Some may be positive such as promoting a team, political candidate, organization, etc. Now, people use social media to promote themselves in a positive light. How does that affect our generation?

A number of teens in our generation are using social media as a way of promoting themselves. However, that creates another problem…

The question of whether narcissism or low self esteem is a bigger problem is raised. The question of which spawned which is similar to that of whether the chicken or the egg came first. Could low self esteem occur through people who see narcissists online? Or could narcissists feel superior around those who they deem to have low self esteem, thus portraying themselves? The fact is

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