Technology and the Middle East

The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East: Startup Rising by Christopher M. Schroeder

When we see the Middle East on television, we often see things regarding the war on terror or negotiations between political parties. However, there is more to the Middle East than meets the eye. Did you know that a 6 year old created a waterproof prosthetic leg for his father and currently at the age of 14 made a seat belt that monitors the heart rate of passengers which can alert authorities in serious situations? In Startup Rising, Schroeder explores the ideas and concepts of young aspiring Middle Eastern entrepeneurs. Technology is desribed in the book as a way of offering new oppertunities to a hungry generation. Young entrepeneurs who create digital goggles for swimming, phone cases with built in chargers, websites that fit into the culture of the Middle East and a current plan to release $50 smart phones into the market within the next three years. Its an exciting and inspirational time to be an inventor especially with the gift of technology at hand.

Adeeb Al Balooshi, inventor of the waterproof prosthetic leg and heart monitor seat belt.
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