From Russia With Love: An Interview with Tanya Shatseva

Crystal T-Rex

On the surface one could easily mistake Tanya for a full-tilt right brain artist. However, her expertly crafted web presence (whether it’s planned or subconscious) is built on a foundation of content that is as flawless as her artwork. Read through her complete bio on her website and you’ll quickly recognize that Tanya has arrived here from a path that few could relate to.

She’s well traveled, multi-disciplinary, and disproportionately well rounded. There’s a drive, an energy, a fire in her that shines through in every thing she does. It was for precisely this reason that we were so eager to sit down and interview her. —-Jason Markow, artist/TEKSTartist.

IAC: How did your childhood influence your art? Did you grow up creating and making art?

Tanya: As a child, I’ve been moving around Russia with my parents a lot. It caused a borderline state and feeling detachment from everywhere but also gave me a freedom. And my art is myself. I always say that grew up being cared by a wise black cat — that is absolute truth and I feel that he taught me many things and disappeared when I was ready :) Yes I was drawing all the time.

Tanya Shatseva

What have been the biggest hurdles you have had to overcome as an artist?

The biggest ones are coming up next I guess.

Colorful Me

How would you define your style as an artist? What subject matter are you most passionate about in your art?

Borderline style. Subtle world, nature, mind, dinosaurs.

When you create, do you have a message or a theme in mind, or do you hope the viewer will take away their own meaning?

I’m totally good with people’s own meanings and I feel euphoric when they coincide with mine.

Are there other art forms you dabble in or would like to explore?

I love design too. Sometimes have thoughts about tattooing. Definitely going to write a book in future.

Can you tell us more about Peafowl? What was your motivation behind this work?

She represents a woman. This piece is about her nature, her connection with a subtle world, a certain emotional state she’s in. Inspired by blue indian peafowl.

You are very active online. How has the internet helped you as an artist?

I think the only important thing for artist is making art. However, internet is my biggest patron ever, it helped me and my fans to find each other and now with their support I am able to dedicate my life completely to art.

Do you remember a specific experience with a fan that made you feel like all of your hard work is appreciated and justified?

Oh maybe when the Mexican girl loved my ‘Perception’ painting so much that decided to copy it and sent to some national Art Festival! My fan number one:) Honestly, all the love I receive from my audience equally makes me feel inspired, appreciated and justified.

What are some of your goals as an artist?

Learn to paint.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you do with your time?

Why to be anyone else when you can be an artist?

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