Getting Hacked As An Internet Creator

Imagine opening up the YouTube channel you spent the last ten years building, and it’s just gone.

Everything that I had spent the last decade building online had been destroyed by a hacker.

Up until that point I thought I was entirely secure. I changed my passwords frequently and they were always 16–20 letters and numbers with special characters. I never used a password a second time. I even used two step authentication to basically turn my cell phone into a authentication key. Not only did these steps fail to prevent me from being hacked, but using two step authentication turned out to be my biggest weakness.

Two-step (or two-factor) authentication requires you to have both your password and your device. But if the second factor is being texted to you, that doesn’t help if a hacker has spoofed your phone.
Advice from my hacker.
Deleting accounts is a fast and easy process once you have access. Though, Google has procedures for reinstating recently deleted accounts.
Why us? Why me? Why do this?
  • Use a different password for everything.
  • Choose smart security questions with smart answers and be careful about with your private information.
  • Avoid fishy emails.
  • Do not use your public email address as a recovery email.
  • Use two step authentication, but use a phone number that you give to no one, or use an app that is only on your phone, such as Google Authenticator. For this purpose, I got a prepaid phone with a low monthly cost that does not need my name to be attached to it.



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I make videos on the internet as well as stream on twitch. You may know me as my frequently viral character “francis”