YouTube De-Monetization Explained

De-Monetization began in 2012, but YouTube only began notifying creators this week. Does that make things better? Or does it make things worse?

In blue is the revenue graph of a video that was de-monetized in August of 2015. The video began generating a small amount of revenue after the YouTube Red subscription service was launched.
  1. Lets you know when a video has been de-monetized.
  2. Shows a notice next to all de-monetized videos.
  3. Allows you to request a manual review of a de-monetized video.
  4. Re-monetizes videos that the review finds to be not in violation of YouTube’s ad-friendly policy.
When your video is de-monetized, this little yellow $ shows up.
By placing this email in the present tense, YouTube makes it sound as if this just happened when, in fact, it happend years ago. This resulted in a huge amount of confusion.
Revenue graph for a video that was de-monetized in 2014. The creator did not know until this week.

First, the guidelines seem to be a net that is cast too broadly.

Second, many videos were erroneously de-monetized.

We assume that all of these videos were de-monetized erroneously

Third, erroneous de-monetization will always result in significant lost revenue.

Fourth, what will get made now?

Some suggestions for YouTube.

  1. If this is not already being done, algorithmically de-monetized videos should be spot-checked for accuracy. Creators should not have the sole burden of asking for manual review.
  2. The video manager should allow creators to sort videos by de-monetization so that there is an easy way for them to review their de-monetized videos without digging through hundreds of videos.
  3. Use data from manual spot checks and re-monetized videos to refine the de-monetization algorithm.



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