Copy and Paste Your Way to Hell

or plagiarising

People have been plagiarising content since the web began and Copy and Paste was invented

Don’t Copy.

Just don’t.

Its lazy and pointless as it will give your site zero benefit. you may think it is amazing clever to use someones content but it isn’t.

Its dumb as Google will cut your legs from under you or more likely ignore you.

I encounter it all the time — client goes to competitors website. Likes what they see and steals it verbatim. I flap my arms wildly at them but their content train has left the station.


Google your topic. See what comes up first.

Read the first 4 articles. They are usually there due to good SEO or because they are decent articles or a mix of both.

Then make your article better!

This is usually where the client falls into a corner starts sucking their thumb and crying as they can’t find the time.

Good content takes time.

Well actually that is a lie. The first types of content you will create will be a pain in the ass and take you hours. then you do the next and the next and the next. You will get faster.

It also makes sense to try and write every day for 15–20 minutes.

Doing this makes you better.

Then publish. the content will be far better than the dross you copied from the competitor.

Create some more. you are already doing it better than the competition.

But hold on.

Remember what I said. Make sure it is better, has a bit more research and thought and with the underlying goal that someone reading will say “thats a pretty damm good article”.

Your first pieces will be pretty crap. And you won’t always be great.

But you will be creating and learning and getting better. Isn’t that how you learned all your skills.

Start now. Send me a link.

Yes now off with you.

Photo Credits: Flickr Image by Alec Couros

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