Internet Party Candidate Shortlist

Meet the shortlist of 22 for our Candidate Challenge

Roshni Sami — 33
Practical — loyal — organiser

I grew up in Auckland and Suva (Fiji). I studied at the University of Auckland achieving my BA/BCom and MA in Development Studies. While at university I worked in the NZ student movement focusing on the issue of tertiary fees and women’s rights in education.

I moved to Fiji and worked for 6 years in development, starting work as the coordinator of a Pacific Regional trade policy watchdog. I progressed to focus on research and policy work for development organisations including AusAID, UNICEF, and UNWomen. I have been back in NZ working in my family business and doing real estate for 3 years.

Raymond Calver — 36
Passionate — Empathetic — People

I am someone who is passionate about people and currently work as a qualified Social Worker in lower decile schools. Over the last four years I have realised two things:

  1. Children and youth are the future and any investment in them is an investment in the social and economic well-being of New Zealand
  2. All families, regardless of their own history or whether they have made good or not so good choices in life, want better things for their children

I can connect with the people and communities most affected by inequality and motivate them to vote for the Internet Party.

Lois McClintock — 28
Motivated — Empathetic — Friendly

I have been raised in Christchurch since the age of 6. I have been working in the IT industry for almost 7 years. I have always felt that nothing I can say or do will make a difference to the country’s future, and that I am not able to contribute or relate to any of the policies outlined by political parties.

Coming across the Internet Party was the first time that I have felt a political party is making the effort to reach out to the people and ask for contribution. This is true democracy in action, so I am standing up on behalf of all the general people like myself. As a candidate I would like to be a voice for the people, representing their opinions and concerns. If by doing this I can inspire even one other person to take some action, stand up and contribute towards the improvement of this country’s future, then I have achieved my goal.

Turi Te Kamonga — 42
Enterprising — Receptive —Environmentalist

Turi Te Kamonga’s growing knowledge of crypto currencies offers a fresh outlook of monetary and fiscal policies. His background in Automotive Engineering, although providing a stable career, didn’t stop him from achieving further interests and ambitions in alternative fields. His pursuit in academia in both Maori and Economics gave him the skills necessary to implement financially sustainable solutions for the extended whanau, an interest he would love to develop into a wider scale.

Together with a noticeable Political ambition, he shows promise for the requirements of a responsible candidate. He brings up four children that are not his own.

Miriam Pierard — 27
Communicator — Optimist — Adventurer

I teach social sciences to incredible teenagers and have been actively involved in political, environmental and social movements since I was their age. I have learned a lot from these experiences, in particular the power of a small group of people to bring about big changes for the betterment of all.

I am hugely passionate about the need for our political system to be brought into the 21st century and engage its citizens in more meaningful and practical ways. This is especially important for our young people in light of our low levels of voter turnout and the crucial decisions that our generation will have to make for our shared future.

The Internet Party excites me because it is actually asking young people about what issues are important for them and it utilises the phenomenal knowledge-sharing and communication potential of the internet to crowd-source its policy development. Its relationship with the Mana Movement also proves it to be willing and open to collaborating with different groups to create a more empathetic and forward-thinking system. Awesome!

There is no reason why we cannot do things differently, and every reason why we must.

Herena Janet Meteka — 47
Family — Resourceful — Sensitive

I am Herena Meteka. 47 years young, married with 5 children and 1 granddaughter. Born and raised in Tokoroa. Our family moved back to the Cook Islands in 1980. As a teenager, the culture shock and emotional turmoil I faced defines the person I am today. 15 years after leaving, I returned to NZ.

I trained as a Primary school teacher and have been teaching for the last 15 years. With a wealth of life experiences, humility, respect and integrity, I’m now ready to embark on a new venture with the Internet party.

Gil Ho — 30
Strategic — Analytical — Friendly

I came to New Zealand as a Korean immigrant in 1996 and grew up in various parts of New Zealand. I did my Master of Laws at the University of Auckland where my paper focused on ISP liability for secondary copyright infringement in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I currently work as a data analyst. I am passionate about internet access (I even have a blog which recorded all my internet outages) as a right and key for future success for our younger generation.

Callum Valentine — 26
Digital — Political — Citrus

Callum is currently the Social Media Engagement Manager for the Internet Party. He got involved with IP because he believes it represents exciting change in New Zealand politics.

He has had a life long love of technology, and has watched the Internet grow into one of humanity’s greatest assets. For him, the file-sharing bill represents why we need switched on voices in Parliament to speak up on digital issues.

We need to change, to digitise and to engage.

Previously, Callum has worked in Education — as a digital media tutor — teaching social media skills to journalists.

Patrick Salmon — 27
Clever — Hardworking — Family

Born and raised in Te Teko, Whakatane, I am the eldest of 6 children and I have 3 beautiful daughters of my own. I am a former Marae Representative on the Iwi Governance Board at Te Runanga O Ngati Awa. I served a full successful 3yr term ending in December 2013. My work background is in community health and health promotion, as a successful Smoking Cessation Practitioner working in the Eastern Bay, achieving and leading in initiatives such as being part of the first smoke free Iwi strategy.

I was gratefully afforded the role as the National Community Engagement Maori Coordinator for the New Zealand Aids Foundation, which was an amazing opportunity to work directly with the LGBTI community. Role modelling in education and imagination for my generation and the next generation coming through is something I am very passionate about

David Currin — 37
Dissatisfied with mediocrity

Born in Wellington, David moved to Europe in his teens where he studied Music, Physics, Modern History and then Architecture at the University of Liverpool.

Together with a friend he pioneered a successful UK design & retail business and then moved to Prague where he studied Czech, worked as an interpreter for the EU, acted in the odd movie, and learned how to build software. He’s currently living in the Far North with his young family and in charge of software engineering at a California based internet startup.

Morton Troope — 39
Visionary — Compassionate — Articulate

As a family man I will be focused on quality of life for all New Zealanders. I am passionate about technology and using it for the greater good. As a leader I will lead with integrity, honesty and compassion.

I am in it for others especially the children and I am willing to let go and lead by example. The bullying in our society needs to stop and this will need to start with the leaders of New Zealand.

Beverley Ballantine — 23
Social justice — Equality

Currently embarking on MA International Law and Politics. Keen interest in research-driven policy and a more respectful and productive political environment. Soft spot for the environment and sustainability- (and a vegetarian). Have lived in Dunedin, Auckland and Adelaide & done some travel abroad (UK, Europe & Turkey).

Interested in the future of the world as an increasingly globalised unit (especially resource distribution, power etc.) My recent research projects have focused on social equality (portrayal of same-sex marriage legislation in the media) and another on the Christchurch rebuild (and the extent to which an urban residential project was reflective of true social indicators of the current Christchurch populace). I am capable of both scientific and constructivist perspectives in my research, as well as engaging with different ontologies as appropriate to the project. I am a dancer, badminton player and artist in my spare time.

William (Billy) Taraia Tangaere — 60
Focussed — Articulate — Musician

I am a highly experienced executive, with a background managing the operations and winning new business in an international performing arts organisation, I am a dynamic leader of people. This experience leverages a long and successful background in senior operational roles within Air New Zealand, where I led teams of direct reports to exceed expectations in service delivery to major client accounts and the public.

The business I currently run was spun out of a cultural programme originally developed for Air New Zealand. I believe in the philosophy of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”. More importantly, my military training imbued within me the power of self belief and that anything is possible!

Nicolas Hudson — 33
Trustworthy — Committed — Realistic

Hi my name is Nicolas Hudson, I am a happily married man and father to two beautiful children under 3. I am a registered electrical appliance serviceman, and currently a production line supervisor at ABB Ltd, Napier. I was born in Tokoroa, but grew up in Snells Beach, 45 minutes north of Auckland.

I have enjoyed my time in the workforce, and I have felt the call to step out and be a Leader of change in New Zealand, which is what this country needs in Government. I care for the needs of others and desire to see them heard.

Robert Stewart — 34
Passionate — Friendly — Loyal

I am a 34yr old Husband (10yrs) and father of four. I have spent the last 10 years working in the social service industry on the ‘frontlines’ of Forensic Mental Health, Corrections, CYFS and until recently in Student Accommodation for the University of Otago .

The reason I am standing for nomination is that I, like a lot of Kiwis, am fed up with the lack of respect that the current government shows towards our Democracy. I believe that if we do not stand up for our Democratic responsibilities we may lose our democratic rights.

Timothy Kibblewhite — 22
Three is not…

My friends and I don’t always see eye to eye, like any friends. There are times we disagree on simple things — like whose turn it is to take out the rubbish. To the big things like how to create a prosperous nation.

However we never attack each other personally, just our ideas. This is the approach I will bring to politics. I believe that most people who take up a career in politics do so in an effort to help people and New Zealand. I’ll focus on this belief as I campaign for the Internet Party.

Pani Farvid — 33
Dedicated — Capable — Equality.

I’m an Iranian-born New Zealander who moved to Auckland at the age of 10. Currently, I’m working as a senior lecturer at a university in Auckland where I teach, research and hold an academic leadership position. With over 10 years of experience teaching, researching, presenting at conferences, and giving public lectures (both nationally and internationally), I have excellent communication, analytic, and leadership skills.

To date, my work has focused on examining gender relations and gender equity within various contexts. I’m passionate about, and dedicated to, achieving greater gender equality within our society.

I believe the Internet Party is the way forward for New Zealand.

Andrew LePine — 33
Big-picture — Negotiator — Centered

Born and bred in Dunedin, I enjoyed school and University before turning my part time student job into a career in Management at the Warehouse. 12 years brought me my wonderful wife Helen, it allowed me to travel the country. Dunedin to Kaitaia and most places in between, an awesome network of friends etc.

I am looking to the Internet Party as a beacon to help us avoid floundering on the rocks of state surveillance.

Grant Keinzley — 46
Thinker — Extreme — Humanitarian

Having the ‘big life’. Traveled half of the world. In Asia built Typhoon Rescue Org from ground up. Today it services over 30 million people. Owned International ICT Company. Was a leading developer for Intel during the Multi-core / Multi-thread CPU era. Was on dev teams for Second Life, Multiverse, and Kaneva when they were start-ups.

As said I have done a lot of stuff, met a lot of very cool people, and the list of my life goes on for miles. For now am happy to be back home in NZ and am ready to share my expertise.

Eli Weir — 39
Change Agent

Born in Auckland, I have lived in North, South and Central Auckland as well as Rodney and Wellington. While studying Design at MIT, set-up my first company and have been involved in starting-up, investing in, growing, and leading ICT companies ever since.

This includes time working in various locations across Asia, North America and Africa. I live for positive change, with a focus on changing how people work and live, by challenging the status quo, shifting paradigms, and leveraging technology to get things done — faster, cheaper, easier, and in a more people-oriented way.

Chris Yong — 37
Digital-native — Musician — Explorer

Chris has been a professional musician for over 15 years and an online specialist for nearly 10 years.

Achievements include a double platinum album, international touring and awards finalist at ALGIM 2012 for best use of social media in local government.

Bill Urale — 40
Tall — Samoan—Musician

Samoan artist King Kapisi aka Bill Urale was the first Polynesian hip-hop artist to receive the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award for Songwriter of the Year for his single Reverse Resistance in 1999. The Wellington-born rapper in 2000 released the critically acclaimed Savage Thoughts (b.Net Album of the Year), followed by 2003's 2nd Round Testament. Both showcased Kapisi’s politically conscious lyrics and distinctive beats and reached gold status.

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