Nothing happens for nothing!

This has been my confession for years. It means, whatever happens, good or bad, it happens because of something. Because of this conviction, one can endure whatever situation they find themselves in.

My coming to Kenya, has come in with many negative things. I left Juba when people were running in the streets, and when you ask them why, they say they don’t even know (Munu arufu!”).

As I arrived in Kenya, just a day later, I was told that the house I stayed in was given to someone else. It was a surprise, but this happened because I wrote on Facebook that I may never come back home.

Just this morning, 22nd October, 2016, I was told that my job was given to someone else, because I have already delayed! All this can be called bad news, isn’t it?

Yet to someone like me, it’s good news. Why? Because much better things are ahead. We say in Dinka that “Kä mit atɔ̈ukï tueŋ”. Therefore, I know things will just get much better than ever.

As I wrote this, I have no job at home, I could not stay beyond three months in Kenya, I have no home to stay in Juba, even if I go today, I have to stay with someone else in their house. Yet, I’m sure I will write another post with the best report ever.

Stay tuned!

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