Sonia and Richard Galvan Explain All About Gigabit Communities and Why We Need Them

Richard Galvan
Jul 29, 2020 · 3 min read

In the 21st century, the internet has become a part of most people’s daily lives. However, like with all technology, the internet is evolving. In order to keep up, businesses, local economies and even entire countries need to make sure that they are progressing if they wish to remain competitive. That is where gigabit communities come in. Gigabit communities are regions that are pushing boundaries and delivering high speed internet measured in gigabits, not megabits. Gigabit communities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, Cleveland, and Kansas City have all seen huge success and attracted major businesses owing to their investment in broadband internet.

Richard and Sonia Galvan of Rio Grande, Texas, are the founders and current owners of G5 Internet Services, which has been in operation for 12 years, serving a 95 square mile radius with over 21 towers. They discuss the topic of gigabit communities and shed some light on why they are necessary in the United States.

The Importance of Broadband Infrastructure

First and foremost, gigabit communities will spur innovation. Broadband infrastructure is an integral part of the United States economy and of the nation’s ability to achieve economic growth. By investing in improving the internet and reaching higher speeds, the possibilities will be endless when it comes to innovations in all industries. In the global economy we now live in, talent and capital can flow anywhere. Richard and Sonia Galvan of G5 Internet Services state that right now, what is attracting the most talented people is broadband infrastructure, as it is a symbol of a country’s commitment to innovation. By failing to prioritize improving bandwidth, the United States risks losing their global lead on innovation, which in turn, risks losing jobs and investments.

That said, the United States is already in a great position when compared with other world powers like China, share Richard and Sonia Galvan. For example, the “apps economy” that has single handedly spurred the growth of regions like Silicon Valley, is a phenomenon specific to the United States. Further, the United States was the first country in the world to introduce 4G wireless networks to scale and is home to the most LTE subscribers in the world. Even better, broadband networks capable of reaching 100 Mbps speeds are available in over 80% of American homes. Thus, while there has been instrumental progress in broadband infrastructure in the United States, it is imperative that this growth is continuous and that increasing internet speed is made a priority.

Richard and Sonia Galvan on the Future: Gigabit Communities

Although many strides regarding internet capabilities in the United States have been made, there is still work to be done, asserts Richard and Sonia Galvan. There is no denying that gigabit communities and internet speeds measured in gigabits rather than megabits is where we’re headed. However, how fast the United States gets there and how widespread its availability all comes down to the investments that the country makes in the years to come.

In order to advance, Richard and Sonia Galvan claim that the United States needs to keep pushing for faster broadband networks and both creating and investing in gigabit communities around the country. Gigabit communities, otherwise known as innovation hubs, would offer gigabit broadband to homes and businesses in the local area.

For those that are unconvinced of the progress that such communities spur, look no further than Chattanooga, Tennessee. This forward-thinking community built out a gigabit fiber network and within years, they had attracted major companies like Amazon and Volkswagen, which together created nearly 4,000 jobs. A similar pattern emerged in Kansas City, where the Google Fiber Initiative was established, leading tech companies to start setting up shop in the area. Overall, in order to make gigabit internet available to the masses, more testing grounds, or gigabit communities, need to be established. This is one of the best ways to attract investment, innovation, and to foster progress across all sectors, including health, education, technology, and beyond.

Internet Services with Richard Galvan

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