Battle of E-commerce, Spree vs Woo !

Vijay N
Vijay N
Feb 20, 2020 · 5 min read

What is Spree Commerce ?

Spree is an open source E-commerce framework built with Ruby on Rails, which helps in bringing your store front live in no time. This platform out of the box comes with the support of an active community, Well documented, supported and maintained plugins , extensions and 3rd party integrations, and its a perfect platform for those who wants to build a scalable & extensible e-commerce business.

What is Woo-Commerce?

Woo Commerce is an open source E-commerce platform built on top of WordPress. It’s a light weight solution or considered as an extension to WordPress which was primarily built for managing blogs and It comes with its own caveats, though it is backed an active community of enthusiasts and developers around the globe and it can suit a small scale e-commerce business

Features and Advantages of Spree-Commerce

  • Spree comes with a default responsive store front which is customizable to any extent.
  • Spree store front is de-coupled, We may use any custom framework to build our own store front & brand it to the business needs and deploy, or if you’re focusing on mobile commerce Spree provides necessary API’s for building the same.
  • Blazing fast search capabilities — Spree when coupled with elastic search will give a seamless experience to your customers even with a millions of S.K.U’s.
  • Product personalizations and recommendation as per the customer behavior, integration with advanced machine learning libraries.
  • Spree supports almost all the debit & credit cards, also it enables country specific payment methods as E.M.I or installments.
  • Integration with all the latest digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.
  • Spree has omni channel capabilities, whether its retail, wholesale or online Spree is efficient in managing your inventory, sync product catalogs and stock management.
  • Spree has internationalization enabled, i.e it presents an opportunity for your business to go global without worrying about the language, tax compliance, currencies and shipment methods. Spree has seamless integration with major shipment enablers like Shipwire, Shipedge and payment integrations such as Stripe, PayPal, Brain-tree.
  • Spree helps you to leverage the power of data by enabling easier integrations with analytics, growth marketing tools.
  • Spree has analytics feature so that owner can have a view of the sales happening, also have easier integrations with. Analytics tool such as Kiss-metrics /Mix panel.
  • 80% of the time spent by the e-commerce owners are on product management, order processing, payment processing and issuing refunds, shipment updates for their customers etc. Spree admin dashboard features/enables these functions by default as well as allows various integrations to enable these and makes the life of an E-commerce business owner/manager easier.
  • Spree is a secure system, it was built by following the best & standard security practices in the industry and is in compliant with the laws (GDPR).

Why should you choose Spree Commerce for your next E-commerce business?

If the answer to the below “if’s” is positive to you, then you may consider setting up your online store-front using Spree.

  • If you’re in the business with a vision to provide a world class virtual shopping experience to your customers,
  • If you want to scale up, having high availability to millions of users by preserving the rich UI experience.
  • If you want to leverage the data, track user sentiments, do sentiment and predictive analytics to serve your customers better.
  • If you’re looking to rollout an efficient and seamless multi vendor market place with less turn around time.
  • If you’re bothered about the product count capacity.
  • If you’re bothered about custom features.
  • If you’re bothered about User Experience

Listing out few platforms that uses Spree and has significant traffic and traction

  • Urban Ladder :- Urban ladder is a pioneer in selling furniture's online and it has a Country Rank in India of 4853 and in the last six months it has a visit of about 568.62K users.
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  • :- Milan Style probably be one among the biggest online player for fashion designer and luxury branded clothes. They migrated to Spree because of the bottle necks they faced by running WordPress And once after migrating to Spree, they could increase their product portfolio & studies suggests that their conversion rates improved by 35% and above and they were able to scale 10x times. Milan Style has about 74.33K visits from Aug-2019 to Jan -2020.
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  • GoDaddy:- GoDaddy is using spree commerce as a multi-tenant solution E-commerce for small business. When GoDaddy started offering E-commerce solutions to small business their main criteria for choosing the tech was based on which platform is more Extensible, Modular, Mature, and have a good community support. Thus finally they narrowed down to spree after considering the all the factors and Spree was a perfect fit for Godaddy to start their E-commerce vertical. For them Spree stood out fast, reliable and supported by world class developers.

And they scaled it to achieve
1.Thousands of unique storefronts.
2. Up to 1.5M page views per day.
3. And an average response time of ~2.5s.
4. 99% uptime.

Spree Usage Statistics

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On the basis of traffic volume — 0.02% of the website which has over 1m traffic is being run on Spree , above 0.06% which has 100K+ traffic also runs on Spree. And Spree is one among the popular website which is in the list of Open Source Usage Distribution in Top10K Sites.

Source :-

To conclude :- Spree is being adopted by many existing e-commerce giants and if you feel, the scaling of your business relies on introduction of online store fronts, then Spree can be the tech you can vouch on to build a highly customizable, extensive and scalable platform.

We at InternetMango specialize in E-commerce development with Spree, feel free to reach out for consultation.

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