My online internship at The Souled Store

with Disha Munoth!

Disha Munoth is no ordinary intern. A full-time postgrad at the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune, she gives us first-hand insight into juggling an online internship at The Souled Store, in addition to pursuing an MBA full-time.

Where do you work?

I’m a marketing intern at The Souled Store, an online merchandising store.

Why did you decide to take up an online internship as opposed to one where you can work directly with the company?

I’m doing my MBA right now and this is just a part time commitment for some experience.

Would you recommend this over an internship you had to do at an office?

No, this is good for a part time experience as the performance is calculated based on the responsibilities completed that are allotted per week. They gave me the list of responsibilities to complete and I can do it according to my discretion in the time span of the internship, as I am also studying.

How do you correspond with your mentor?

We correspond over extensively over email and sometimes over a phone call.

Do you think online internships add value to your resume?

Yes, if the company provides a detailed appointment letter when it starts, and a certificate of completion at the end, it is valued.

Do you plan to join this office after you graduate?

I haven’t really set my mind on this yet, trying to explore the different roles that I can possibly learn before setting on one.

Do you think online internships are the future of Internships?

I think they are beneficial to the students who are studying on the side because it gives them a sense of discipline and a glimpse of how it feels like to work for the industry. However, I think full time office internships still have the upper hand to get first-hand experience and to understand work culture.

The Souled Store is the coolest online store to find all kinds of merchandise, from Harry Potter tees to Game of Thrones apparel! I am so psyched to introduce my first intern-viewee here at Internity, Disha, and even more to find that she interns at the coolest online store on earth.

If you would like to intern with The Souled Store too, please click here:

Following the success of my post on online internships, I decided to start a section where I feature interns who work across different fields. If you’d like to be featured here, just drop me a line!

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