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Internship at G&R

I am currently studying at North South University in BBA. As I am a 3rd year student I decided to do internship in local companies for my experience. Specially I was looking at a particular and promising area which would help my career further. I was exploring some aspects of the trendy marketing field which will be the next level thing of Bangladesh. By searching I came to know about Digital Marketing in Bangladesh. After some exploring and googling about it, I found digital marketing a very interesting and very promising career option for this era of marketing.

One day in Bangladesh Brand Forum Facebook page I saw G&R is looking for some intern in digital Marketing area. I knew G&R is one of the finest local company who are working in this field for quite a long time in Bangladesh. I have been following their works for quite a long time. After seeing their post, I applied for the position without wasting any time. Few days later they call me for an interview via email. But I unfortunately didn’t check my mail in time in so I missed the interview in due time. That day I was so sad because I missed the opportunity for my foolishness. Then I Decided to mail them back for the unprofessionalism I showed them. They granted my apology and gave me a 2nd chance for the interview. Then I went their office in Banani and gave the interview. Few day later they call me and offered me to be in the program. That was one of the happiest day in 2017.

First day when I entered into G&R office I saw some of the employees was laughing and gossiping loud. Not only that later that I came to know that they also play cricket and XBOX in the office. I realized that this office is not like other traditional, boring office.

We 13 interns were being selected for the winter program. in our first greeting day at the office we got to know the Cool G&R family. After greeting I realized that all the employees are so helpful and friendly to each other including their CEO, CPO and others. Our intern In- charge officer Amzad Hossain Joy bhaia divided 13 members into two groups assigned with our project. The best part is they gave us the freedom to choose our project by our self and told us to let them know what do we want to do. I was appointed as Business Developer of the team. Four other member was appointed as web developer by their Academic background. First few days was more likely silent days for all of us as we didn’t know each other but after knowing each other I feel like I knew them for a long time. G&R didn’t treat as just Intern, we played, we gossip, we felt part of the of the G&R family. After some brainstorming session, we decided to build a Bengali food based Diet planner app. We named it “Diet Boss”. On the other hand, another team came up with the idea of creating a complete Bangladeshi Travel blog website.

Along with the project G&R helped us to meet the finest people in the industry of Digital Marketing. We get to know stories and experience of the brightest mind of this country. We got to meet Raziv Sir (Asiatic Mindshare Bangladesh), Lutfi Chowdhury (CEO of DriverBD, Director of Cubex Ltd.), Bickey Russell (Google), Faisal Sir (Media Axis). We didn’t just learn from their stories but also, we learned about vision and goal of our career.

Most of the essential and core work for creating an app is for developer member to do. We business member had too little to contribute in the process. Our core work is to learn the process of the digital network program. we get to learn the complete blueprint of the Marketing process of Digital marketing. In the process, I got chance to be with the sales team in their corporate client meetings. I learned how the meetings and negotiation works, and moreover I get to know the how clients and agency relationship works.

G&R was my first experience to the corporate world. The team didn’t just help me to find my career path, they helped me to explore the new era of marketing which I wanted in the first place. First experience is always the unforgettable one. No matter in what career path I choose at the end I’ll always remember what I learned from G&R.



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