Journey with G&R

To be honest, before joining at G&R for my internship, I was quite afraid. For completing my undergraduate I was bound to do either project or internship. I choose internship among those two options because I always wanted to work with a corporate environment. This was the main reason behind choosing the internship.

Doing internship in Green and Red Technologies Limited is one of the best parts of my education. It’s also special to me because I got selected for this internship which was the first interview of my life. Really, when I got email from the management that I am selected as an intern, I just went blank. Though the role was unpaid, it was still strategic, results-oriented, extensive and challenging.

I was responsible to develop a mobile application, more precisely Android. Luckily, I have some previous experience for developing mobile apps in my university from different courses. From there I was confident that I can play the role.

After joining at G&R, one of the first things I noticed about company culture. Each and every person is so much chill and also very cooperative. I quickly came to realised the recent accomplishments and credibility that G&R achieved. As an intern, it felt great to gain experience with this company and have the opportunity to work with them. I had pre-conceived notions about my day-to-day responsibilities when I first started, but each day was different. Our each working day we have done different session by different experts which was the most amazing part of our internship. I understand that I have to improve my skills to handle multiple projects, work across several platforms, and strive within a high-paced work environment.

This project focuses mainly to develop a user friendly system. User will find an easy way to take care of their health. They just need to register to this app and input his/her current body weight, height, age and gender for knowing their ideal weight. Then the app will suggest the proper dieting plan to reach his/her objectives. This project is implemented as an app and also web-based project.

I believe that my involvement at G&R as App Developer will not only enrich my career but also will increase my ability to effect enlightened change everywhere and make a valuable influence in the field of Mobile App development.

Finally I would recommend my friends and fellow batch mates have the chance to do their internship here too, because it is a good place to start your career and move a step ahead for student life to corporate.

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