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I Hate Looking For a Job

Because of Recruiters

I am sure there are really, really good technical recruiters out there. I have come across some good ones, but not…

How to get an advertising internship in London

Where to go and what to do if you want industry experience this summer.

Why I turned down an internship offer

Maybe I am an idealist. 

In my previous piece, Summer’s Conundrum, I talked about how many college students are facing the…

6 Awesome Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer is right around the corner, and we know that you’re thinking about your future — so we’ve put together a list of 6 awesome summer jobs…

How to Read and Reach Your Interviewer

Take control of your job search by making personality types work to your advantage

“Occupation, our only occupation.” 

What’s your occupation?

My mind was occupied with some thoughts while I was rushing for the work in the morning. I reached the…

Being creative is like living in a cop drama

When I think of creatives, I think of a typical cop drama. Here’s the thing about a cop drama: everyone is highly territorial. First, you have…

You Keep Saying Entry Level

I do not think it means what you think it means

Many companies are looking to fill “entry level” positions. The problem, however, is…

How I landed my first online marketing job

Told by a guy who almost failed high-school and made a six-figure income 4 years later.

5 Quotes from Shark Tank that are Freaking Amazing

and one bonus quote that’s freaking amazing

There I was with my business partner, sitting in a restaurant…

How to get a job at a startup

Find a meaningful role and instant responsibility

Fresh out of university, not quite bright eyed and bushy tailed but definitely…

Give Me a Ballpark Estimate

2 cool tips for pricing yourself as a creative professional

When you’re a creative professional, you have to think on your feet on…

Entrepreneurial Advice Nobody Gives You

You just have to go on a journey. Vital lessons every business person needs to learn.

How 1 Tweet Led to an Internship

This is how I came to Silicon Valley

It was late April and I still wasn’t sure what I would do after graduation….I was torn between:

  1. Finding a full time job in Denver/Boulder area
  2. traveling the world for a few months
  3. or doing an internship in Silicon Valley.

How to Overcome Your Fears Before a Job Change

There are many amongst us who desperately yearn for change at work. As they say change is part of life and is inevitable. But, why is that we feel a little discomfort when the thing happens? Why the mind of a job switcher is clouded with fears and apprehensions regarding the new office…

What if My Client Refuses to Pay?

They may not be the gutless, yella-bellied liar you think they are

Creatives Have to Work Together

Don’t be a selfish jerk

If you want to be successful, you have to be generous. I know our media loves to portray successful people as…

Should I Work For Free?

Ah…the infamous question that every creative professional has asked.

I believe there are 5 basic groups in regards to people who are…

Internships & Jobs
Internships & Jobs

Share your internship and job experiences.

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