Alternative to Tresorit

We built X Cloud with the vision of creating the first cloud storage service which presented the user with total control, security, and privacy of their files… and we’ve done just that. Unlike Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud and so forth, X Cloud encrypts your files not only in transit but also at rest. That means that your files are encrypted when we store them, and unlike with traditional cloud storage services, your files can truly only be accessed by you. You can read all the details on how we are more secure than traditional cloud storage services here. In this article, however, we focus on how we compare to our more direct competitor, Tresorit.

For many years, Tresorit has praised to be the single most secure alternative to all these traditional cloud storage services. But today that changed. Just like Dropbox, Tresorit & co, X Cloud provides an outstanding user experience and pricing for all its customers. However, what makes X Cloud superior to these other cloud storage services is its outstanding security. We have taken security to the very maximum level, to make sure that only you have access to the files you upload to the cloud. Just like Tresorit, we encrypt your files in transit and at rest. With X Cloud, users are the only ones who can decrypt their files, since these are encrypted and decrypted using the user’s password. Additionally, unlike Tresorit, X Cloud makes use of file distribution, meaning that files are sharded, shards are encrypted, and no single machine ever holds a whole file. This also differentiates us significantly from Tresorit & co. Thanks to all these measures, X Cloud praises to be the single most secure cloud storage service there has ever been.

Think smart. Make the switch.

PS. Did you know that by using X Cloud you’re also having a positive impact on the planet? Learn more here!