Fran Villalba Segarra
May 15 · 4 min read

Internxt is all about driving innovation and is proud to be one of the fastest-growing startups of recent creation, worldwide. We are lean, always try to gather the best team members and to seamlessly execute the coolest possible ideas in the best way possible.

Our first product, X Cloud, is a more private, eco-friendly, and affordable cloud storage service than that provided by companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox… Decentralized cloud storage is a hell of a good idea and, if well executed, it has what it takes to revolutionize the cloud storage market.

There are billions of startups worldwide, and Google selects only a handful to join its widely-known, equity-free, and cost-free Startup Program. Google has offered Internxt the opportunity to grow faster as a part of its “Spark” Program. This program will help Internxt grow quickly, in our own way.

So first off, let’s make things abundantly clear:

Does this now mean that Google has access to your data? No, it does not.

Does this now mean that Google owns part of Internxt? No, it does not.

Does this now mean that X Cloud is less private, in any way? No, it does not.

Does this now mean that X Cloud is not client-side end-to-end encrypted or decentralized? No, it does not.

Does this now mean that we’ll be less competitive towards Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive? No, it does not.

Google understands that X Cloud is all about privacy and cost, and has no control or influence whatsoever over Internxt’s operations. This program is designed to help us grow our way, without interfering in our core philosophy or values. Google is one of the most relevant companies out there with a great deal of knowledge and resources. Although we think we can improve some of the services they offer, they have and are still doing awesome things; and we definitely think we can learn a lot from them. Google gave us a significant amount of credits for their Google Hire program, which we can use to more easily hire the best talent. Additionally, they offered us credits for Google Qwiklabs, which offers deep cloud-related knowledge to our personnel. We get a significant amount of Google Firebase credits. We are invited to Code Labs (classroom-style and online training courses), to learn everything needed to scale our vision. We can learn about a variety of topics, such as startup profitability, advertising, search engine optimization, machine learning… Why do they do that? So that we bear them in mind for certain services we may need in the future, for equity funding through their Google Ventures program, etc. It is important to understand that these are not obligations or agreements between Internxt and Google. They are offering these services and benefits in good faith, with the goal of staying in contact with us as we grow and possibly use their services in the future.

Again, the whole point of this Program is to help us grow. X Cloud is our beloved, only child, and as said earlier, this partnership isn’t designed to make X Cloud weaker in any way. Instead, it is designed to propel not only X Cloud but also our personnel and any future products we create.

Internxt has already participated in such collaboration with Stripe, one of the most popular startups. Stripe is one of our EUR/USD payment processors, and they gave us a significant amount of fee-less transactions so that we grow with them. Additionally, they regularly give us exclusive material and personalized mentor-ship on startup growth techniques, as well as other great perks. Since they process our EUR/USD payments, it makes sense for them to want us to grow and become big. If they build a good relationship with us now, we’ll be very likely stick with them when we’re big (and then, just like any other payment processor, they will collect a small % of fees on our transactions).

Y Combinator, one of the most popular incubators, accepted us a few months ago in their Startup School Program. Here, we got mentorship from incredibly successful founders and managers on how to build a lean, successful startup. We received a huge amount of really awesome perks, credits, and discounts to incredibly awesome products. Why do they do that? So they can build a good relationship with us, and when we become bigger and even more promising, and in the event that we look for equity funding, we take them into consideration and apply for their equity program.

All these programs are equity-free. These companies select the very best startups to join their growth programs, at absolutely no cost for the startup. We greatly appreciate such opportunities and expect to keep growing with the best! We are incredibly proud of how things are going at Internxt.



Internxt is excitement, ambition, innovation. Join the revolution. The future is now.

Fran Villalba Segarra

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Internxt is excitement, ambition, innovation. Join the revolution. The future is now.

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