Internxt token economics upgrade

We are fully committed to our token, and want to improve it as much as we can. We love the blockchain / decentralized community, which is a core to our success. Today, we’d like to announce the first upgrade Internxt token economics, which strive to benefit us all.

Current token economics

Up until now, INXT’s main purpose is to be used as a payment method to Hosts running our X Core program. X Cloud users basically pay X Core Hosts in INXT. In the event that a user prefers to pay in fiat, this is used to purchase INXT from the market. The INXT collected is then distributed to Hosts. Pretty straight forward!

Upgraded token economics

The current token economics stay untouched. At Internxt, however, we love improving, we’re hungy for growth. One of the things we’ve been busy with lately was figuring out how to improve our token economics. We’re introducing a new great upgrade for INXT, which strives to benefit all of Internxt’s community.

Starting in our Beta release onwards, we’ll start rewarding Hosts based on how many INXT they hold. Up to a certain limit, and with a smaller weight than what most of the other factors would have, the amount of INXT held will have an impact in determining how much X Core Hosts earn. You can now check the full X Core payout formula in our whitepaper.