Internxt’s Internship Program

Today, we are happy to announce the opening of Internxt’s Internship Program. The program is open indefinitely for all University students worldwide. The goal of the program is to supply Internxt with top talent that can bring to the company fresh, new ideas, in a cost-effective manner. This shall help students learn and have fun in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as well as to earn money to cover their tuition fees. This will also help Internxt grow its incredibly talented team in a way that’s as efficient as possible. The Program accepts interns for our Marketing and Development departments.

Internxt’s headquarters

Internxt’s Internship Program will let interns grow, learn and make a true impact in the world, working at one of the world’s fastest growing startups. This will allow them to have one of their first real-world experiences, which shall help them learn about their interests in order to jump into the employment market slightly later in time. Interns will work with our small, smart and young team, have fun and get to hang out in Valencia, one of the most vivid cities in the world. Those who perform best at Internxt’s Internship Program will also be offered the possibility to join the company as Full-Time Employees.

Valencia, Spain

Though Internxt accepts applications from students living anywhere in the world, we are placing special emphasis on those living in Europe. Through Europe’s Erasmus+ Program, students can work at any European company as part of their University degree, and be eligible for a great EU grant. This makes the Program a very good fit for students studying at a European institution.

Additionally, Internxt has partnered with the most prestigious Universities in Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia, EDEM, ESIC, University of Valencia), in order to have a more direct pool of talent to choose from. Internxt will be getting in touch with an increasing number of Universities in order to have an even greater choice of students. This will allow Internxt to filter from an even bigger number of applications, in order to ensure that only the best students get to work at Internxt.

This program allows Internxt to have a high pool of highly qualified, incredibly clever employees, at a very efficient cost. This is in line with Internxt’s lean corporate culture, which we have been putting into practice ever since we came into existence. Internxt is a highly efficient startup and is incredibly proud of being one of the few companies that have managed to grow at an incredibly high-pace, without incurring into overspending.

In order to apply to our Internship Program, please email us at