Internxt’s token, INXT. Embrace the power

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Internxt’s goal is to make innovation a reality for all of us. That’s why we want to create breakthrough products, which are easy to use by us all. In this post, we do a recap of the awesome ways in which users can participate in Internxt’s thrilling adventure by purchasing Internxt tokens.

- What are Internxt tokens used for?

Internxt currently offers highly secure, innovative cloud services. Our customers pay us with credit or debit card, to make things easy for them. Internxt’s token, however, is a crucial part of our ecosystem. With part of the revenues we generate (EUR), we purchase INXT from the market, in order to pay our server providers from all over the globe (Internxt Core). Since revenues are used to buy INXT from the market, it’s virtually the same as if Internxt users paid their services directly in INXT -though we do it for them automatically on the background. Internxt Core hosts are encouraged to hold these tokens since a relevant amount of their monthly payout is based on how many tokens they hold. For us, it’s more convenient to cover these costs in INXT than directly in EUR because we count with thousands of server providers from all over the globe, and thus with INXT, we can automatically send out instant payments through the blockchain almost for free. Our goal is to create thrilling products that matter and that people want to use. We want everyone to be part of this exciting project. The bigger the demand for Internxt services is (so the more revenues we generate), the more indirect demand there’ll be on the market to purchase Internxt tokens.

- How can I buy and store Internxt tokens?

If you want to get your hands on some Internxt tokens, you can directly buy these . The widget on our website is connected to the exchanges Internxt is listed on, and does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is to purchase the desired amount of Internxt tokens (you can make the payment in BTC / ETH / LTC), and the widget will manage to find the best available INXT and send them directly to your wallet. You can create a wallet to store your INXT with , , , , , . It really is that simple. We’ve managed to create such a clean and simple process to buy and safely store your Internxt tokens, just for you! Looking for a more advanced method of trading Internxt tokens? You can also buy/sell INXT on , , , , and .


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