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Yay! Starting this week, there’ll be an exclusive Internxt token raffle. Every week until we release X Cloud Beta we will be choosing a winner who will be getting 50 INXT. Want to find out how to win? Let’s do it!

The first thing you need to do is to subscribe to our X Cloud Beta waiting list. This is basically a mailing list which will solely be used to notify subscribers for that very event; the release of our X Cloud and X Core Beta services. Those users in our waiting list will have the option to sign up for our X Cloud Beta service before those who aren’t subscribed to the waiting list. Our waiting list is 100% commitment-free, meaning that those who are subscribed to it will not have to sign up for the Beta services once they roll out. If they do decide to sign up for X Cloud’s Beta service, they will enjoy a 7-day free trial and then the usual X Cloud Beta rates will apply.

Starting this very week already, we will be randomly choosing a winner from the waiting list, who will be getting 50 INXT. Every week we will be giving away 50 INXT to somebody on the waiting list. We will choose the weekly winner from the email addresses which signed up for our waiting list, so make sure it’s a real email address. If you win, we’ll be reaching out to you to proceed with the INXT transfer to your wallet.

And that’s about it! We’ll be contacting a winner at a random point every week until we release the X Cloud Beta service (expected early in Q3 2018). The sooner you sign up for the waiting list, the more chances you’ll have to result winner in one of the weeks! Subscribe now!

Good luck :)


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