Say hello to X Cloud

The time has finally come.

A little over a year ago, we started working on our innovative cloud service, X Cloud. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the first stable version of X Cloud.

What is X Cloud? X Cloud is a transparent, open-source project, that allows anyone to store files in a safe place online. A truly secure and private cloud storage service. With X Cloud, files are fragmented, and shards are then encrypted using your password that only you know. Additionally, none of these fragments is ever stored in a single machine. With all these revolutionary measures, we strive to provide humanity a safe place to store files on the cloud. It has been extremely hard to integrate such complex, disruptive and highly secure infrastructure in such a simple app that everyone can benefit from. With X Cloud, we’ve created a service as easy to use as your usual cloud platform, but that is much, much more complex in the backend. For more info: Decentralized cloud architectures, from a security perspective, X Cloud and how we will disrupt the cloud storage market, Alternative to Dropbox, Alternative to Tresorit.

What’s already available in X Cloud. X Cloud is accessible through a web interface. When signing up, you’ll automatically be assigned our Free plan, that provides you 1GB of secure, free storage space forever. If you want to Upgrade, you can do so to our 100GB plan at €4.49/mo or our 1TB (1,000GB) plan at €9.95/mo. When uploading a file on X Cloud, this file gets sharded, and each shard is replicated and stored in a different X Core node. When downloading a file, these shards are gathered back and decrypted. And only you have the ability to access and decrypt those files because only you know the key to encrypt and decrypt these; your password. Also, starting today, revenues from X Cloud users will be used to purchase Internxt tokens from the market in order to pay X Core Hosts. In turn, X Core Hosts are also incentivized to hold the INXT they earn, as can be seen in our X Core payout formula.

What’s coming in the next few weeks. Though we managed to launch such a breakthrough app, things are about to get even better. We expect our customer base's growth to be exponential as we add more features to X Cloud. During the next few weeks, we expect to add the ability to securely share encrypted files with those you want to. We will soon also add the possibility to pay via PayPal and with INXT, as well as the ability to search files and change file and folder names and colors. We will also launch the iOS/Android apps, desktop app, and CLI client for X Cloud. We expect to add many other functionalities to X Cloud as time passes, but those certainly are the most important and will soon be rolled out.

All in all, we’re thrilled to be able to launch this first stable version of X Cloud today. It really is an exciting moment for all of us at Internxt.

Important disclaimers. 1.- Bear in mind that we never know user passwords, needed to access user accounts and decrypt their files. We won’t be able to recover your password if you lose it, because we simply don’t have access to it. In X Cloud, you are the true owner of your files. This makes your files incredibly secure, but also adds a big responsibility on you. Use it well. 2- Although in X Cloud files are sharded and totally encrypted, our decentralized network is still relatively small, thus make sure you regularly store a backup of your files in an offline hard drive (so that it’s as safe as if it was on X Cloud). Internxt is not responsible for the loss of files given that it doesn’t have full control over the decentralized network created by X Core nodes that govern X Cloud. As the size of our network increases and we run further infrastructural upgrades, the risk of the decentralized network failing will keep getting closer to zero, thus files also becoming even more resilient than in services like those offered by Google, Dropbox & co. At that point, it will also be safe to use X Cloud as not only as a cloud to actively work with your files but also as a safe place to back them up indefinitely, without having to worry about ever losing access to them. X Cloud shall currently be used as a cloud where files are safe from corporations, governments, and hackers, and where you are the true owner of these. X Cloud brings all the benefits of the cloud, with the security from storing these in an offline hard drive. X Cloud shall be used as a convenient alternative to your usual cloud storage service.