We’ve gone wild. X Cloud Beta will be completely free! But that’s not all…

What you’re about to read may be the biggest news we’ve released since we started Internxt. We’re incredibly excited to announce this.

Summary: X Cloud Beta will be completely free for users (and thus more people will use it). Internxt will be buying INXT from the market for each X Cloud user that signs up, to cover the costs and guarantee a high X Core network quality. X Core Hosts will be rewarded to hold their INXT.

As you know, this Quarter we’ll be releasing the Beta version of X Cloud and X Core. After much discussion, we believe that it still doesn’t make sense for us to charge users for X Cloud, since it’s still a Beta (in development) product. Since we want to stress test our infrastructure, we want to make sure that this gets used by as many people as possible. Additionally, we don’t think it’s fair for users to pay for an unfinished product. For this reason, we’ll start charging users only from our commercial release onwards, which will happen Q4 this year.

The fact that we won’t be charging users for our Beta will be beneficial for our commercial release too, as many more users will have tried X Cloud and will likely want to keep using X Cloud afterward. If you want to get hands-on X Cloud Beta, which will be 100% free, sign up now for our Beta waitlist! Remember that by subscribing to X Cloud’s Beta waitlist you can also win 50 INXT every week until we release the Beta. Each X Cloud user will have 10 GB capacity to upload files on the cloud. The Beta program will run until the commercial version gets launched in Q4. X Cloud will keep getting updated as we fix it and add features to it, so you will be able to see how the Beta version progresses and goes from Beta all the way to commercial. Once the commercial version is out, you will have the ability to decide whether you want to keep using X Cloud and pay for it or not.

But wait. That’s not all. How will the X Core network be sustained during the Beta if X Cloud users won’t be paying for it? Leave that to us :) We’ll be the ones paying X Core Hosts! We’ll be buying $0.02 worth of INXT tokens at market price to pay X Core Hosts for each GB used by X Cloud users. The reason is that this is a realistic estimate of how much average revenue per GB we expect X Core users to make (assuming all the other payout variables constant amongst Hosts). We’ve also just released an upgrade for INXT token economics, where we reward Hosts who hold INXT, and add this as a variable to determine each month’s payout amount. To check the X Core’s payout formula, please check our whitepaper (X Core section). We’re also in very advanced talks with a few serious, big exchanges, who may soon list INXT. We’re working on this quite intensively, since we realize how important it is to have a more competitive exchange where to buy and sell INXT.

All in all, we believe that this action will make of the Beta release an overnight success, as many more users will be able to try it out.