X Cloud is out. So now what?

Just over a week ago we launched X Cloud, a highly secure, decentralized cloud storage service. The launch was seamless, and no relevant issues happened. X Cloud is the result of over a year of back and frontend work. We are currently working on adding many more features to X Cloud (already have added a few since the launch a week ago), and are also working on the mobile and desktop apps. We are also working on plans for teams and also on object storage plans, to directly compete with AWS S3 & co, and not only with Dropbox & co. Additionally, we’re working on an improved version of our website, to include all these new upgraded products. You can keep track of all these exciting updates that are being rolled out throughout this here by clicking here.

Internxt is now purchasing tokens from the market to pay X Core Hosts with the revenues generated from X Cloud purchases. As we roll out more features to X Cloud and get to be more widely known, we expect this flow to keep increasing, as our X Cloud customer-base and X Core network grow.

We also plan to go through a Series A this year, where we will raise money used mainly for growth activities, which will significantly help Internxt shareholders, clients, tokenholders and essentially all its stakeholders. More details will be shared on the topic very soon. Our plan is to let anyone become a shareholder at Internxt with a really small investment. We want to empower our users so that they can sit at the very front of this ship.

Stay tuned!