X Core node payout computation

As you probably know, we’re currently finishing the Beta development of X Cloud and X Core. This version is mainly aimed to be used by developers and very early adopters. X Cloud Beta will be completely free, and X Cloud’s commercial release will be launched in Q4 this year. This release is expected to be used by individuals in love with blockchain / crypto / decentralization / privacy. We will also start getting in touch with startups and mid-sized corporations so that they start jumping on board. During 2019, we will mainly be focusing on further improving and externally auditing our infrastructure so that more corporations can join X Cloud. We will very likely go through a Series A during late-2019, so that X Cloud can keep increasing its growth.

But first things come first. Today, we have published the computations that will determine how much each X Core Host will get paid per node (during Beta only one node is allowed per Host). You can view the formulas at the X Core section of our whitepaper (refresh the whitepaper in case this isn’t visible). These are simplified formulas that will be used for the Beta. Further adjustments will be made with time, to improve the payout accuracy.